Simon Cowell to Appear as First Guest on ‘American Idol’ Alum’s New Talk Show

by Craig Garrett

American Idol alum Jennifer Hudson will have her “dream” first guest when Simon Cowell helps her kick off her new talk show. People reports that Cowell will be the first guest on The Jennifer Hudson Show, which debuts on September 12th. It’s a reunion that’s long overdue. The pair haven’t sat down for a conversation since Hudson placed 7th on season 3 of the singing competition. That was all the way back in 2004.

The talk show’s first episode will also be on Hudson’s 41st birthday. To mark the occasion, the episode will have celebratory moments and surprises. It was only a few weeks ago that Hudson was calling Simon Cowell her dream guest in an interview about the upcoming show.

“I think it would be so interesting,” she told Kera News in August. “[American Idol] was 18 years ago so why not? I think people will be interested who’ve followed my journey for 20 years. See us sit down and see us have a conversation. I think that would be awesome to do.” Hudson seems to like the role reversal of her being the host to Simon Cowell. “And then it’s like, uh-huh! Now, Simon, you’re sitting on my couch!” she joked. “So he’s on my wish list, among many others.”

The American Idol star has won every major award, but her new show represents a new challenge

Hudson is one of the select few that’s won an Emmy, Tony, Oscar, and Grammy. However, she’s still thrilled with her upcoming birthday present. “This is going to be such a gift,” The American Idol alum told The LA Times recently. “If I were not working on my birthday, that is what I would be wishing for — performing on a stage or a platform. I love bringing people together on one accord and positivity. And to do it nationally on a talk show? On my birthday? Oh, my God, that’s a birthday wish coming true.”

The Jennifer Hudson Show will provide entertainment by featuring celebrity interviews, topical stories, community heroes, viral sensations, and music. According to a press release about the show, Hudson has big plans. The release said she will “use her powerful voice in a new way, bringing fun, uplifting, and empowering conversations to the forefront, shining a light on extraordinary stories, talents, and passions.”

The series is set to air on Fox Television Stations, Hearst Television, Sinclair Broadcast Group, TEGNA, Nexstar Media Group, Scripps Media, and Gray Media Group, among other stations. It will “be a destination to laugh, learn, and feel inspired,” according to the press release.

Back in June, the former American Idol star tweeted about the upcoming show. “I can’t believe I get to say this, but welcome to my show !!! Let’s light up daytime beginning September 12th! Wait a minute that’s my birthday !!!”