‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast Described the Emotional Last Day on Set

by Caitlin Berard

In the fall of 2008, Sons of Anarchy premiered, a crime drama following the cast of seedy yet lovable characters who made up the gun-running motorcycle club dubbed SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original). After seven successful seasons, Jax Teller’s story was complete. To the dismay of both the fans and cast of the series, the time had come for Sons of Anarchy to come to an end.

After the series finale, FX shared a video of the emotional final day on set, during which both the cast and crew mourned the end of their journey. As the motorcycles were loaded into trucks for the return journey to Harley Davidson and the sets were demolished, members of the cast and crew gave their thoughts on the end of the series.

“We just wrapped 10 minutes ago. It hasn’t quite sunk in that this thing has actually come to an end now,” Charlie Hunnam tearfully explained. “But it’s just been such a beautiful experience. Looking back over the show, I do feel really proud of the work that we’ve all done. I think that we set out to create something special and I think we’ve achieved that.”

“I think I’m gonna wake up tomorrow with kind of a big hole in my soul,” Hunnam continued. “We’ve had the experience of brotherhood, loyalty, and family. You know, that’s going to be in my heart forever.”

“What a history,” Tommy Flanagan, the actor behind Filip “Chibs” Telford added. “Seven years is a long time.”

While many actors discussed the props they would take and the experiences they would miss most, David Labrava, the actor behind Happy, was heartbroken to leave his friends. “Absolutely the best friends I ever made, in my life,” he said. “I plan on keeping them forever.”

Happy Actor Calls ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Cast and Crew ‘Wonderful’

As a member of Hells Angels, David Labrava had plenty of experience with motorcycles when he joined the Sons of Anarchy cast. What he didn’t have, however, was any experience as an actor. In fact, his role as Happy on Sons of Anarchy was his very first time in front of the camera.

Thankfully for David Labrava, the rest of the Sons of Anarchy cast was more than welcoming to the biker and helped him get comfortable on set. “These guys are wonderful – Tommy [Flanagan], Ron [Perlman], Charlie [Hunnam], all of them,” Labrava explained to Collider.

“Tommy and Charlie and these guys have helped me extensively,” he continued. “They are great actors. They have practiced their craft to the fullest and they’re great at it, and they give me great input. I’m so very appreciative.”

As for series creator Kurt Sutter, David Labrava explained he couldn’t have had a better mentor. “He’s wonderful,” Labrava said. “I’m not just placating that. It makes the job easy when somebody knows exactly what they want to see and exactly what they don’t want to see. There is no guessing game involved, and that’s good.”