‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Were Amazed With Charlie Hunnam After This Scene

by Taylor Cunningham

Sons of Anarchy fans are still talking about Charlie Hunnam’s awe-inspiring acting talents eight years after the series came to a close. And there is one on-screen moment in particular that gets them every time.

The heartbreaking scene appeared in the Season 6 episode titled A Mother’s Work. Leading to the moment, Jax’s mother believes that her son is going to prison to save Tara from the same fate. And to stop that from happening, Gemma decides that her only choice is to kill Tara.

In a brutal battle, Gemma emotionally murders her son’s wife. And when an officer runs in after hearing the commotion, she kills him, too.

Jax goes home later that night and finds Tara’s bloody body on the kitchen floor. Initially, he’s shocked and paralyzed, but the reality of the situation quickly sets in and his entire body begins to tremble.

The SAMCRO leader then falls to the floor in front of his slain love, holds her close, and gives her one last kiss as tears fall on her face. Then he lets out a painful cry that could make even the most stoic viewer feel the tragedy on a personal level.

Fans Remember the Heartbreaking ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Scene

To this day, Sons of Anarchy fans are utterly amazed at his portrayal of a broken husband. And earlier this year, one fan even began a Reddit thread to pay props to Hunnam for being a world-class actor.

“…He just portrays this life-ending grief in such an amazingly real way,” u/Different_Prior_517 wrote. “This scene should be taught in acting school as someone who really portrayed grief and utter devastation in such a realistic and well-rounded way.”

Dozens of Redditors commented on the post to agree with the original poster’s words. And they shared exactly how his gut-wrenching agony affected them.

“I have watched this scene maybe a hundred times and it never doesn’t make me cry,” u/Top-Web3806 admitted. “That almost soundless cry he does at the end literally rips my heart out each and every time.”

“He was brilliant in that scene. His wail made me sob uncontrollably,” u/HarlotHymn added.

“I’m a man’s man that makes fun of people for crying and being overly sensitive,” wrote u/CRWhiteThunder. “But in the 10+ times I’ve watched this series, I’ve never not teared up at this scene. Even typing this, my eyes are watering. So powerful.”

To some, it was “one of the best scenes ever on TV,” and several people wondered how Hunnam never managed to snag an Emmy for his work. Commenters agreed that he remains one of the most “underrated” actors out there. And they definitely think he doesn’t get “enough credit” for his talent.

And apparently, the acting affected everyone on set, too. Rumor has it that Tara’s actress Maggie Siff couldn’t hold it together and she had to get off the floor and cry with Hunnam so many times that it took multiple shots to complete the scene.