‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Have Mixed Feelings About This ‘Sopranos’ Star’s Character

by Tia Bailey

Sons of Anarchy,” although finished, is a well-loved show by fans. Even after the series finale, fans still frequently discuss certain aspects of the show. Some fans recently provided discourse about a character who is recognized from “The Sopranos.”

“Sons of Anarchy” followed Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), a single father in a motorcycle gang. As he tries to pull away because of their increasing chaos, more chaos ensues. The drama show quickly gained a cult following within its first season release.

The show ran from 2008-2014. It had a set finale, and even has a spinoff that is still going strong, Mayans M.C.

“Sons of Anarchy” featured many different characters. The main cast was large, and many guest stars appeared as well. One of the series regulars, Wendy Case (“The Sopranos”) had fans conflicted about how they felt about her throughout the show.

Wendy begins the series as a drug addict, who used while she was pregnant with she and Jax’s son Abel. Despite Jax’s mother, Gemma (Katey Sagal) trying to sabotage her further, Wendy eventually gets clean. She even took in Jax’s late girlfriend, Tara’s (Maggie Sniff) child as her own after she is killed.

Although she had a clear redemption arc, fans still debate how much they liked the character.

On Reddit in the r/Sonsofanarchy subreddit, a fan shared a post titled “Wendy.” They wrote: “Just rewatching SOA and find it so wild that everyone just shits on Wendy all the time like ‘you’re just a filthy junkie’ . Meanwhile she’s got her shit together keeping her head down , sober , working a job , no drama. Meanwhile her kid is getting kidnapped. Blown up in warehouses. Getting in car wrecks. But Wendy’s the irresponsible one in their eyes bc she used to have a drug problem.”

“Sons of Anarchy” Fans Debate How They Felt About Wendy

Other fans jumped in to share how they felt. One fan responded: “I would put this on Gemma for the most part. At the beginning of the show she harps on Wendy’s drug addiction because she hates her and wants her out of the picture, quite frankly. This viewpoint gets passed along to Jax, who passes it along to Tara. Wendy does seem to have her life together when she pops back up in s4, however the timing of her request was pretty bad.”

More fans were quick to jump in here, remembering all of the ways Gemma acted poorly to Wendy. Some of this includes Gemma calling her a “junkie whore” and actively trying to turn Jax against her.

The consensus was pretty much that — Wendy had her faults, but most of the hate was led by Gemma, from what fans had noticed while watching.