‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Posts Epic Pic After Reprising Tig in ‘Mayans MC’

by Caitlin Berard

Back in 2014, Kim Coates couldn’t wait to move on from Tig Trager and Sons of Anarchy. The actor had played the most violent member of the Californian outlaw motorcycle club for seven years and was more than ready for new projects. Another seven years later, however, the actor seems to have changed his tune.

The SOA spinoff Mayans M.C. was approaching its Season 4 finale, and what better way to end a season with a bang than with an epic crossover? Producers called Kim Coates and asked if he would be willing to bring Tig back one more time. And if the actor’s Twitter post is any indication, he jumped at the opportunity.

“Tonight…Final episode of season 4 [of Mayans MC]…,” he wrote. “This guy is back…7 real years later ..can’t even begin to explain the feeling Coates had as the duds were slipped back on… and the leather.. and the knife… and the bracelets and MY RIDE..Damn. Peace out peeps. Tig xo.”

Kim Coates Reveals He Almost Turned Down ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Though seven years of acting out violent scenes took its toll on Kim Coates, the actor seems to revere his Sons of Anarchy role. It’s lucky, then, that he didn’t go with his gut instinct back when SOA creator Kurt Sutter approached him for the part of Tig Trager.

“I’m very lucky, man,” Coates explained in a 2013 interview with The Lamplight Review. “I was hesitant to take this part, I really was. I’d never been a regular on a television show ever before. I’d done all my movies and I’d done my arcs on TV, but I was a movie guy.”

For Kim Coates, Tig Trager felt a little too chaotic for comfort. “I’m telling you – when I got offered this guy, I said to Kurt, ‘I need to see something,'” he explained. “And he shows me one scene, and it was a very, very beautiful scene with Ron early on in the show, first season. But it was violent, it was hardcore, tough, violent sh-t, and I said ‘I have no interest in playing just a sociopath bad guy, I’m gonna pass.'”

Thankfully, Kurt Sutter made him see that the violence was only a part of the complex Tig character, a role he felt Kim Coates was perfect to play. “Sutter looked me in the eye and he said, ‘Listen to me. This guy is gonna be everything. He’s gonna be multi-layered: sicko, tough, soft, tears, loyalty, humor. Please man, come along. Trust me.'”

“And I did, and I’m glad that I did,” Coates concluded. “You know, he’s got ten leads to write for. It’s tough, I know it’s tough. But when he does write for Tig, I’m a lucky boy, because I get some of the best stuff ever.”