‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Remembers the ‘Legend’ Paul Sorvino After His Death

by Craig Garrett

An outpouring of support and memories has flooded social media following the death of veteran actor Paul Sorvino. Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates has added to the many well-wishers. Coates, who worked with Sorvino on the Canadian mob series Bad Blood, shared his feelings on his official Twitter.

The image shows Paul and Kim with two other cast members. Coates leans over a sitting Sorvino. Both men grin. “Just now heard we’ve lost a legend, Coates wrote. “True .. from the bottom of my heart. here’s a pic of me [and] Paul Sorvino [for the] Bad Blood press. Paul broke the mold. Coates shared fond memories of Paul Sorvino on set, “singing opera every day before takes were legend. I’ll miss you, Paul.”

Many notable co-stars and celebrities took remembered Paul Sorvino upon his passing

Comedian Jane Lynch also brought up Sorvino’s singing in her tweet to his daughter, Mira. “Your father sang ‘Danny Boy’ for my Aunt Marge at The Chicago Film Critics Awards in 2012. We all cried.”

Others focused on Paul Sorvino’s acting talent. Seinfeld star Jason Alexander tweeted, “From Baker’s Wife on B[road]way to Shakespeare in the Park to all the incredible film/tv roles — he was magnificent in all.” As for Ralph Macchio, he said Sorvino was “one of the truest and honest actors I had the pleasure of working with and getting to know.” And comedian Patton Oswalt posted an iconic Goodfellas clip of Sorvino slapping Ray Liotta: “The slap wasn’t scripted. Oh man, the instincts on this guy. There’s a few less onions in the sauce today.”

2022 has been a tough year for Goodfellas cast members. Along with Paul Sorvino, co-stars Ray Liotta and Tony Sirico all passed within weeks of each other.

Sorvino died on Monday, at the age of 83, from natural causes with his wife Dee Dee at his side. Paul Sorvino was born in Brooklyn, New York. For his performance in That Championship Season (reprising the part in the film version), he received a Tony nomination. He has also acted in a number of landmark films, including as Henry Kissinger in Nixon, Dick Tracy, Reds, and The Rocketeer.

Paul Sorvino is perhaps best remembered for director Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas. He played Paul Cicero, the mobster who even in prison retained a passion for cooking and fine cuisine. One memorable scene showed him thinly slicing garlic with a razor blade. Later, Sorvino and his wife co-wrote a cookbook called “Pinot, Pasta, and Parties.”