‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Kim Coates Reveals His SOA Motorcycle Will Appear on ‘Mayans M.C.’

by Megan Molseed

Sons Of Anarchy fans have been excited about the return of Kim Coates’s character Tig Traeger in the spin-off of the popular FX TV series, Mayans MC. This return brings Tig Traeger back into the fold as the war between the Mayans MC and the Sons of Anarchy (SOA) rages on. Now, things are extra exciting as Coates teases the return of another series fave…his SOA motorcycle.

In a recent Twitter post, Kim Coates gets excited about the return of his “girl” as he prepares to hop back into his Sons Of Anarchy role for Mayans MC.

“This coming Tuesday … June 14 … my girl HERE makes an appearance on @MayansFX,” Coates shares in his June 9 Twitter post.

“[Final] episode of season 4,” the star adds, noting that wherever his SOA character goes, this bike goes as well.

“Tig goes nowhere without her,” Coates quips in the tweet”. .. accept that reality peeps,” he adds.

“… no where.. Me N my Bike….” the actor quips. Coates adds that this isn’t the only gear when he steps back into the SOA character.

“N my knife N my bracelets … N my tats …” he jokes. But, that’s not all he needs, Coates continues listing the things that Tig needs as he returns to the small screen.

“N my belt,” Coates continues ” … N my everything x.”

Kim Coates Returns To His SOA Role As Things Continue To Get Serious In Mayans

Last month, Kim Coates dropped the exciting news that his character, Tig Trager was coming back to FX in the Sons of Anarchy spin-off series, Mayans MC. Coates has been portraying Tig for seven seasons in the original series…and he continues to be a big part of the entire storyline.

On May 3, the actor gave fans a sneak peek as to what fans can expect in this new series when the Mayans MC comes head to head with the SOA crowd. An explosive reunion, no doubt!

“I’m Back,” Kim Coates writes of his popular SOA character in an early May Twitter post.

“Like really back,” the actor adds.

Coates also notes that some big things are going down as the Mayans group comes face to face with the SOA.

“The war is on,” he hints in the tweet.

” ..keep watching peeps…,” the message continues. ” …SOA vs MMC.” Then the actor goes full into his SOA role, signing the exciting tweet as “Tig.”

Kim Coates Recalls Being “Hesitant” To Take On SOA Role

Kim Coates opened up recently about his role on the popular FX series, noting that he was “hesitant” to take the part. Mostly because he had never been in a role like this one at that point in his career.

“I was hesitant to take this part,” Coates explains.

“I really was,” the actor continues. “I’d never been a regular on a television show ever before.”

Coates went on to note that he was extra uncertain about the role when he got a glimpse of the script. It was a “beautiful scene” the actor recalls. But he still felt he needed to “pass” on the opportunity.

“It was a very, very beautiful scene with Ron [Perlman] early on in the show, first season,” Coates recalls.

“But it was violent, it was hardcore, tough, violent,” the actor continues. “And I said ‘I have no interest in playing just a sociopath bad guy, I’m gonna pass.’”

Thankfully, Coates reexamined his outlook and decided to take the role in the series. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Coates stepping into the role of Tig at this point!