‘Sons of Anarchy’s Kim Coates Says He ‘Might Be a Tad Silent’ on Social Media Following ‘Mayans MC’ Appearance

by Craig Garrett

Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates cautioned fans that he would distant on social media after he popped up on Mayans MC. Coates played the unhinged Tig Trager for 7 seasons on FX’s Sons of Anarchy. The finale of SOA left the door open for Kim Coates to come back for any continuation of the series. Of course, fandom let him know of their approval of the appearance on Twitter.

Kim Coates lets fans know he appreciates the love

Kim Coates himself took to the social network to address his fans. Along with an image of Tig wearing his iconic MC vest was a brief comment from the actor. “Ok. So listen up me beauties n bruisers..thank you for all the ⁦@MayansFX⁩ love.” He goes on, “Had a billion n 1/2 tweets last eve. Did my best to read a million of em..heading across the pond..might be a tad silent..” Kim Coates then ends with a plug for the podcast he cohosts with fellow Sons of Anarchy star, Theo Rossi. “…won’t miss my boys ⁦@Theorossi⁩ n mine pod cast. I’m a pro.”

The Mayan MC season 4 finale aired last Tuesday night and featured the hotly anticipated reappearance of Kim Coates. A major story plot of the latest season of Mayans MC is a conflict with the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club. Coates’ Tig shared most of his scenes with fellow Sons of Anarchy alum, Emilio Rivera’s Marcus Alvarez. The scenes showed maturity to Tig’s normally manic character. Since Tig and Alvarez formed a bond in the original series, the two older outlaws search for peace between the warring clubs.

Mayans MC showrunner couldn’t wait for Kim Coates

Showrunner Elgin James was ecstatic to have Kim Coates on board for Mayans MC. “…Kim is such a phenomenal actor, so we’ve always wanted to see that dude. He’s so electric, he’s so alive! And now we can’t wait to bring him back to put him up against other people on our show who are also very electric and alive. We’re thinking of these pairings that could be really, really fun,” he told Entertainment Weekly.

So will Kim Coates return as Tig on Mayans MC? James seems hopeful. “Possibly. If we get a season five, who knows? It was such a treat [to have him on set]. So many selfies were taken from the crew and the cast, he was treated like royalty,” he said.

The Mayans MC airs on FX and is currently streaming on Hulu.