‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Has ‘Eye-Opening’ Experience at Fort Irwin Military Training Base

by Alex Falls

Kurt Sutter is best known as the figurehead and creator of Sons of Anarchy and its spin-off, Mayans M.C. When he’s not behind the scenes of his hit TV shows, he’s challenging himself to learn more about the world around him. Earlier this week, Sutter got the chance to experience the Fort Irwin Military Training Base.

Sutter marked the rare opportunity on his Instagram page and gave his followers a look at the military procedures in action.

“From opening enlistment, to the Blackhawk flight, to the General’s briefing, to training demos in the Mojave, to a somewhat honorable discharge — my experience at @ntcfortirwin was eye-opening and perspective shifting,” Sutter captioned alongside the post. “There is so much I/WE can do to help our soldiers. More to come. Thank you @usarmy.”

Sutter posted a sneak peek at his visit to Fort Irwin earlier in the week as well. He is clearly filled with gratitude for the experience.

“TOP BUN… get it?” Sutter jokingly wrote. “I’ll post more this week about my day of military enlightenment at @ntcfortirwin. Thank you #usarmy.”

Kurt Sutter’s Fan Connection

His followers were also grateful for the special look at the inside workings of what it takes to train our military members. Many left comments of support to the military and Sutter’s effort to raise awareness. “Glad you went to see what it’s like when training is done and how damned hot it can get with all the gear is obscene,” one user wrote. “Great training going on there. @sutterink Great training all over the US and overseas. 20yrs on active duty myself and can appreciate when a badass goes and sees what our side looks like. Even if just a glimpse!” wrote another.

One fan noted his gratitude for Sutter’s work. As a member of the US Army himself, Sons of Anarchy was a much-needed escape from the grind of military life. “When I was in the Army, SOA had just started and I fell in love with all the characters. They were such a form of much-needed escapism for me,” the user wrote.

Sutter’s connection to SOA and Mayans fans is remarkably strong. He often uses his Instagram to give viewers behind-the-scenes insight and previews of things to come. Mayans M.C. just wrapped up its fourth season and fans are still reeling from the bloody finale. Sutter posted a tribute to one of the show’s stars, Emilio Riviera, just after the finale aired.

“Hope you’ve enjoyed Season 4,” Sutter wrote. “So grateful for the talent and loyalty of this man. You truly are, El Padrino.”