‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Katey Sagal Played This Memorable Role on ‘That ’70s Show’

by Craig Garrett

Katey Sagal has played many iconic roles over the years, but fans of That 70s Show will never forget her appearance on the classic tv sitcom. Sagal is so recognizable in parts like Gemma Teller on Sons of Anarchy, that some fans may not recall her appearing in one-off appearances.

Katey Sagal first plays the role of Steven Hyde’s (Danny Masterson) mother in the That ’70s Show episode “Career Day.” She’s the school lunch lady, but she doesn’t have much passion for her work. She has the nickname “Gross Edna” at the high school for some dicey hygiene habits around the food. She’s shown coughing directly over her dishes and thinks nothing of putting “used meat” into the school chili.

The time Edna spends with Fez and Hyde not only demonstrates that she is an unsanitary chef but also exposes the tension in her relationship with her son. Edna is always putting Hyde down and comparing him to his absent father. She also confesses to smoking while pregnant with Hyde. However, this episode reveals that Edna is concerned for Hyde. When he leaves, she is hurt and blames herself for being a bad mother. She buys him a beer as an apology.

Katey Sagal’s Prolific tv Career Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

This is Katey Sagal’s debut and only screen acting appearance in That ’70s Show. However, her voice acting chops get put to work later in the series. She can be heard in the episodes “Prom Night” and “Punk Chick.” Even though they shared a touching moment during career day, Edna eventually abandoned Hyde, causing the Formans to take him in. Through dialogue we learn that Edna returns, getting back together with Hyde’s adoptive dad. However, she runs off again, never having a reunion with Hyde.

Though Sons of Anarchy ended years ago, Sagal has kept busy with several high-profile projects. Of course, the 11th season of Futurama is in the works, with Sagal reprising her role as the adventurous Leela. Katey Sagal also recently returned to her sitcom roots. Many of us were first introduced to Sagal as the beleaguered housewife Peggy Bundy in Married… with Children. Though that show ran from 1987 to 1997, it took another iconic sitcom to bring Sagal back into the studio TV comedy fold.

Sagal joined the cast of The Conners in 2018. The Conners is a revival of the sitcom classic Roseanne. Sagal plays Louise, the love interest for Dan Conner (John Goodman) after the exit of the series lead Roseanne Barr.

Katey Sagal can currently be seen on Hulu as the lead in the 2022 horror film, Torn Hearts. She plays a veteran country musician who toys with some young would-be stars.