‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Katey Sagal Recalls Being Fired By Bob Dylan

by Samantha Whidden

Although she is known for her work on various TV shows, including “Married… With Children,” “The Conners” and “Sons of Anarchy,” Katey Sagal was fired from being a backing vocalist for Bob Dylan

During a recent interview with The List, Katey Sagal shared more details about Bob Dylan firing her. “I was all of 18-years-old. I got the job by a fluke because of my friend who I was a singer with. We made a record together, actually. My friend, she lived on the beach near Bob Dylan, and she became a friend of his.”

Katey Sagal revealed that Bob Dylan was putting together a band after The Rolling Thunder Revue Tour and her friend brought her and another to meet him. “[She] said, ‘Here we are. We’re going to be your singers.’ And he hired us. We started the rehearsal process, and about two months into the rehearsal process, he fired all of us and half the band.”

Although she never got to do a record or even tour with Bob Dylan, Katey Sagal said it was iconic to sing “Just Like a Woman” with him in the room. “I always tell people that I worked with Bob Dylan because it was amazing. We would all sit around after the rehearsal and he’d play back the rehearsal tape. And if you made a mistake, he’d look at you. It was like, ‘Whoa, I’m terrified right now.’”

Despite Dylan being intimidating to her, Sagal added it was a great job. 

Katey Sagal Shares What She brought to Her ‘Torn Hearts’ Role From Her Career As a Musician 

While speaking about her new film, “Torn Hearts,” Katey Sagal spoke about what she brought to the role from her music career. 

“In the movie, what you see is, first of all, my character, who has been through the fame machine and now has a dark secret,” Sagal explained. “[She] has lost [fame], and doesn’t know how to function without it. She’s [struggling] because she’s not famous anymore, and she’s hiding.”

Katey Sagal says that the film will feature two girls coming in and what they’ll rationalize to themselves is ok in the name of possible fame. “It’s a big lesson in what we’ll do when we’re afraid.”

According to IMDb, “Torn Hearts” follows a country music duo who is seeking out the private mansion of their idol. They end up in a twisted series of horrors that force them to confront the limits they’d go for their dreams. The film stars Sagal, Shiloh Fernandez, and Joshua Leonard. It will be released on May 20th. 

In regards to the range of projects she has done over the years, Katey Sagal added, “Well, first they have to offer me the job. And then, [I like] if it’s something that I had never done before — why I did ‘Torn Hearts.’”