‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Katey Sagal Reveals ‘One of the Most Terrifying Crossover Ideas’ She’s Ever Heard

by Craig Garrett

Katey Sagal, star of Sons of Anarchy and Married…with Children was taken aback by a recent mash-up involving her SOA character. For seven seasons Katey Sagal played Gemma Teller, the matriarch of SAMCRO (Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original). Sadly, Sons of Anarchy ended its epic run on December 9th, 2014. Though nearly a decade has passed, fans still yearn for more adventures of the renegade motorcycle club. So it’s not a surprise that when Sagal posts a Sons of Anarchy-related image on her Instagram, fans rejoice.

The most recent of these Sons of Anarchy related posts features Katey Sagal prominently. In the picture, Sagal’s Gemma towers over a suburban home, with the title Smart House next to her. At the bottom of the image stands a diminutive husband and two sons with shocked looks on their faces. “Smart House… of Anarchy? One of the most terrifying ideas I’ve ever heard,” Sagal wrote in the caption. “Imagine [what] your smart house learned by watching Gemma,” she concluded.

Katey Sagal loved the SAMCRO and Disney mash-up

Katey Sagal superfans might recognize Smart House as a 1999 Disney TV movie starring the Sons of Anarchy actor. Sagal played a robot maid named PAT (Personal Applied Technology). A widower and his family win PAT along with a “house of the future.” At first, PAT does a great job caring for the family and seems fixated on the dad. Hijinks ensue when PAT becomes jealous of the widower’s new girlfriend. A savvy photoshop expert swapped out PAT for SOA’s Gemma in the poster, creating a chilling, yet comedic image.

Of course, fans voiced their approval in the comments. “Sons of Futurama sounds about right,” one fan wrote, referencing Sagal’s voice work in the animated series Futurama. “Never seen this movie but now I have all the reason to watch,” another fan commented. “I’ve been LIVING for the day someone made this!” a different commenter gushed.

Though Sons of Anarchy ended years ago, Sagal has kept busy in several high profile projects. Of course, an 11th season of Futurama is in the works, with Sagal reprising her role as the adventurous Leela. Katey Sagal also recently returned to her sitcom roots. Many of us were first introduced to Sagal as the beleaguered housewife Peggy Bundy in Married… with Children. Though that show ran from 1987 to 1997, it took another iconic sitcom to bring Sagal back into the studio TV comedy fold.

Sagal joined the cast of The Conners in 2018. The Conners is a revival of the sitcom classic Roseanne. Sagal plays Louise, the love interest for Dan Conner (John Goodman) after the exit of series lead Roseanne Barr.

Katey Sagal can currently be seen as the lead in the 2022 horror film, Torn Hearts.