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‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Kim Coates Reprising Role on ‘Mayans MC’: ‘The War Is On’

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Sons of Anarchy star Kim Coates let people know that he’ll be reprising his role of Tig Trager on the FX show Mayans MC. He played Trager for seven seasons on the OG show. Fans who have watched him through the lens of reruns will get to see him in Mayans MC. Coates drops a little hint on what might go down from his Twitter account.

Kim Coates of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Is Going To Play Tig Trager Again

Coates has appeared in other movies and shows throughout his career. One of them was the 2001 film Black Hawk Down and he paid homage to its heroes one time. On Twitter, he writes, “Never gonna forget filming this epic .. Tried to honor, and bring respect to the families in real life who lived it … Coates x”.

Back in February, he told fans thanks for remembering him on his birthday. But he also remembered how he got the role of Tig on Sons of Anarchy, too. “I’m very lucky, man,” he said in an interview. “I was hesitant to take this part, I really was. I’d never been a regular on a television show ever before.

Actor Recalls Getting To Look At One Scene With Ron Perlman From First Season

“I’d done all my movies and I’d done my arcs on TV, but I was a movie guy, and I’m telling you – when I got offered this guy, I said to Kurt, ‘I need to see something.’ And he shows me one scene, and it was a very, very beautiful scene with Ron [Perlman] early on in the show, first season. But it was violent, it was hardcore, tough, violent —-, and I said ‘I have no interest in playing just a sociopath bad guy, I’m gonna pass.'”

While we are talking about Sons of Anarchy, let’s take a look back at what alum Katey Sagal happened to talk about. She remembered her time with author Stephen King on the show. The author has a cameo in a 2010 episode. Show creator Kurt Sutter writes on Twitter a while back, “Happy #EasterEggSunday. Going to start doing one of these a week. Every Tuesday. An easter egg from one of my projects with a little history. Kicking it off with the story behind the great @StephenKing’s cameo on Sons. Let me know what you think…” Sagal comes back and writes, “Love this!! Working with Stephen was such a great experience.”

If these fans loved seeing King and Sagal work together on Sons of Anarchy, then imagine them getting excited to see Kim Coates come back. He’s one of the badest dudes around and you better believe he’s going to bring it on Mayans MC.