‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Kim Coates Reveals How the Series Changed His Life

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

Kim Coates of Sons of Anarchy fame actually has a lot of different shows and movies in his illustrious career. But he’s never had the success he did from the famed FX show. He played Tig Trager on there and is about to star in Double Down South. That movie will have Coates star in the movie looking at illegal keno gambling. Yet Coates takes a loving look back at his time on Sons of Anarchy.

“But before Sons of Anarchy, I was always, ‘Oh, you’re the guy from Black Hawk Down,’ or ‘You’re the guy from The Last Boy Scout.’ ‘You’re the guy from Open Range,'” Coates told ScreenRant. “I had no idea about the power of a great television show. When I did Sons, I became Kim Coates. People really knew my name. I’d never taken anything for granted, but I wasn’t really worried about making lots of money. I just wanted to do the best work I could.

Kim Coates of ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Went Through Medical Issue Earlier This Year

“I was so naive towards the power of television, when people would watch every week and they couldn’t wait for the next Tuesday, millions of people around the world,” Coates said. “Those seven years on Sons were a big turning point in my career, but it’s also allowed me to do this type of movie.”

Fans of his Tig role happened to get a big thrill in seeing him reappear on Mayans MC. That shows a spinoff of Sons of Anarchy and had fans of the old series tuning in to see Coates on there. They were just really happy to get a chance to see someone they loved on TV so much come on back and appear on the show.

Back in May, Coates revealed to the world that he was suffering from a medical condition. He did not go into specifics at the time. Yet the actor would share his news on Twitter. Coates posted a selfie while sitting in a doctor’s office. What we do see is that he’s wearing a paper medical gown, too. But the thing that stands out is that he is indoors and wearing rather large sunglasses. Coates did say that he’s suffering from an “oral” condition, which tends to be about the mouth. In his Twitter post, Coates wrote, “I’m in a very weird world of hurt right now beauties n bruisers. I wouldn’t give my oral issue and subsequent pain to my worst enemy … well what a sec … just a minute …Have no idea when I’ll return to the world of somewhat normal .. Y’all be the first to know. KC xo”.