‘Sons of Anarchy’: Why Didn’t the Show Have a Prequel?

by Taylor Cunningham

There was a time when a highly anticipated Sons of Anarchy prequel was in the works. But after years of build-up, the project seemed to disappear. So what happened to the show? Let us start from the beginning.

The original TV series followed Jackson “Jax” Teller, the leader of the Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original ( SAMCRO) in the small and twisted town of Charming, CA. The episodes saw Jax struggling the balance his outlaw lifestyle with fatherhood. And lots of blood and violence ensued.

While running on FX, it was one of the highest-rated shows in history. And because it was so successful, the network gave the go-ahead for a spinoff titled Mayans M.C. in 2018. That series tells the story of a similar biker gang that was born post-Jax. And it is still on air to this day.

However, there was a time when creator Kurt Sutter intended to further his franchise with a prequel. But thanks to some drama, the plans never came to fruition.

Kurt Sutter Trolled Disney into Putting a Stop on his ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Prequel

The first time that Sutter announced a potential Sons of Anarchy prequel was when the original series concluded in 2014. At the time, he had the idea of showing how the original nine members founded SAMCRO. More specifically, Sutter would base the tale on a manuscript written by Jax’s father before his death. And we’d see Jax working to create an organization that would make his dad proud.

The concept got a lot of headway, too. At one point, Sutter even considered releasing the manuscript as a book called The Life and Death of SAMCRO. But he decided to hold off because he believed that the story was heading to the small screen.

“As we started thinking more and more about this prequel on the First 9, at this point I’m thinking more of a one-off like a miniseries, like maybe 10 episodes or two 8 episodes seasons,” he told Nerdcore Movement. “I felt like to put out that manuscript with his history before that aired was going to handcuff me too much.”

However, the prequel fell flat in March of 2019 when Walt Disney Company acquired 21st Century Fox. Because what “started with a joke” led to a damaged working relationship between the creator and the network.

Apparently, the original Mayans M.C. pilot included a not-so-pc hit on the actual Walt Disney. And the company wasn’t happy about it. They asked Sutter to take the line out of the script, which he did. But in its place, he swapped it for an off-color joke about Pluto and Mickey. And from there, a sort of cold war began.

At this point, corporate oversite on Mayans M.C. has increased tenfold. And neither Disney nor Sutter want to make nice for another series. However, in a recent interview, he did admit that the prequel isn’t completely dead.

“As of now, the possibility of doing that doesn’t look that hopeful,” Sutter told Deadline. “It’s their property. They’re not going to let me take it somewhere else. Right now, that relationship is in flux. With time and a shift in attitude, will we be able to do it? I don’t know. Hopefully. Maybe.”