‘Station 19’ Promotes 3 Actors To Series Regulars Ahead of Season 6

by Taylor Cunningham

Station 19 is gearing up for a packed firehouse ahead of Season 6. Today, ABC announced that it has promoted three actors to regulars.

On August 2, the TV network signed Pat Healy, Merle Dandridge, and Josh Randall as full-time actors in the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff. All three stars had formerly played recurring characters.

Healy joined the series in 2020. In the story, he plays the antagonist Michael Dixon. The corrupt former station chief and current deputy chief of operations is now running for mayor against Travis. But before he started his campaign, he had been terrorizing other station members on and off since Season 3.

Pat Healy is also famous for playing the cab driver Jeff in the final year of Better Call Saul. And he had guest stints in 24, Ray Donovan, and Shameless.

Former Night Shift star Merle Dandridge first appeared in Station 19 last season as Chief Natasha Ross. Before bringing drama to Station 19, Dandridge played the lead role in Opera Winfrey’s Greenleaf.

Chief Ross did a military tour in Iraq with Sullivan long before either of them were firefighters. And when the series introduced her, it was apparent that the two had some sort of romantic history. Over the course of nine episodes, Ross and Sullivan rekindled the flames.

Two of the New Regulars are Already Battling it Out on ‘Station 19’

During this spring’s finale, Maya found out about the relationship—which is not allowed in the firehouse. And she decided to use the information as ammo. If Ross doesn’t help her get her old position back, she’ll tell the bosses about the affair.

But that may be a hard goal for Maya to achieve. Her former position is now held by Captain Sean Beckett, who is played by Josh Randall, the final actor on our list. So, the writers are planning on keeping him in Maya’s way for the time being.

Beckett relieved Maya of her duties last year. And as expected, the two have been adversaries ever since. Like Dixon, The new captain is also somewhat of a villain in the series

Fans may remember Randall from Westworld, Ozark, and Fantasy Island.

Station 19 returns to ABC for its sixth season on Thursday, Oct. 6, at 8/7c. And we’ll finally find out if the new regulars are replacing Jack Gibson’s Grey Damon—who is rumored to be leaving the show.

Grey’s Anatomy’s 19th season premiere will follow the episode at 9/8c.