Steve Harvey Reveals the Secret to a Viral ‘Family Feud’ Moment

by Blake Ells

Steve Harvey has had plenty of viral moments as the host of Family Feud. The 65-year-old West Virginia native has been the host of the classic game show for 12 years. That’s longer than anyone, including the show’s first host, Richard Dawson. In an exclusive with People, Harvey reveals the secret to a viral hit.

“Pure, high-level, unintentional ignorance,” he succinctly began. “You’re going to go viral if you give me that high-level unintentional shot of ignorance. But every viral moment that’s ever happened on the show – I knew it, I recognized it. I tell people all the time, ‘You’re going to be on YouTube.’ I know the moments.”

Steve Harvey lends an assist to the reaction. He’s a seasoned veteran, and he knows how to keep the reactions authentic.

“I don’t know the questions until I get out there,” he adds. “I have no way of knowing what you’re going to say. So it’s very much, ‘I’m playing the game along with you’ – except I’m keenly aware of what I don’t think is on that board.”

Harvey assures that he can predict an “X” on the board. Those are always the ones that will get shared.

“The answer that’s up there is not going to go viral,” he says. “It’s the one that is not up there that’s going to go viral.”

Steve Harvey spent years as a stand-up comedian. His career was notably documented in the film The Original Kings of Comedy. So it’s no surprise that he knows what works. Family Feud remains a great vehicle for him, as he said earlier this year that he doesn’t think he can ever do another special. In the age of streaming, that’s the name of the game.

Steve Harvey Welcomes Celebrities to ‘Family Feud’

The conversation about what makes a hit comes as People gets a look at an upcoming Celebrity Family Feud. The show will welcome the cast of the hit NBC comedy Abbott Elementary. The cast will take on the cast of the HBO series Hacks. The HBO series stars Jean Smart as an aging comedian that is trying to find where her place remains in the entertainment industry. It’s another memorable character for Smart, who has had many. You’ll recall her from 24, Arrested Development, Veep and Fargo. She was also in the acclaimed Marvel series The Watchmen and another HBO series, Mare of Easttown.

Celebrity Family Feud airs in primetime throughout the summer on ABC. Winnings from the show are donated to the charity of the team’s choice.

Steve Harvey has a charity of his own, too. The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation supports 3,000 families each year through mentorship programs, education and financial assistance. They raise funds via donations, which can be made at his website, and an annual golf tournament.