‘Storage Wars’: Brandi Passante Posts New ‘Photo Booth’ Pics and Her Fans Are Loving It

by Alex Falls

The sweetheart from Storage Wars has proven to be a popular internet darling. Brandi Passante’s Instagram Page is closely followed by her fans. Most recently, she posted a look at some photo booth pictures she snapped at Cassidy’s Bar & Grill in Newport Beach, CA.

Passante captioned the photo, “Photo Booths are for Grown Ups! #happeningnowwithhammer & #hotdogs.” She’e clearly having great fun and her fans love to see it.

Fans quickly took to the comment section to express their admiration for the lovely TV star. “Oh Brandi just marry me all ready,” wrote one user. “Beautiful woman hope to meet her one day,” said another fan. Her beauty is unquestionably loved by her followers as another writes, “A Beautiful day starts with you..”

Passante is no stranger to a fun time. Her Instagram page is filled with snaps from her adventures on the auction circuit.

“Sippin on a little sugar on Spikes Cocktail Hour on @youtube @thehulagirls,” she writes in a post a week before her photo booth shenanigans.

Behind ‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Passante’s Relationship With Jarrod Schulz

The long-running reality TV series about storage unit auctions put Passante on the map. Her life was documented for viewers to see so there’s a sense of attachment between her and the viewers. Her debut on the show also included Jarrod Schulz, her husband at the time.

They were so popular on Storage Wars that they were even given their own spin-off show. Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job showed them navigate their busy schedules while planning their wedding. The show was short-lived and the relationship deteriorated behind the scenes.

As Storage Wars continued to draw massive audiences, the couple eventually decided to call it quits. But they carried on with their work on the show. Passante said it was “not comfortable” to continue filming the show with her ex. However, they continued to act like a couple for the cameras.

It took until season 13 for them to publically confirm they were no longer together. Once it became public knowledge, the animosity between the two became clear even on camera.

Both stars remained on the show despite the breakup. But they were no longer bidding partners. Adversaries would be more accurate. Shultz took every opportunity to outbid Passante. Even if it made no financial sense. To add insult to injury, he loved taking digs at her in front of the cameras.

Fortunately for Passante, Schultz didn’t get to stay on the series much longer. He was gone from the show before the end of the 13th season after allegations of domestic abuse came to light. But Passante carried on in the aftermath. She’s still on the show making bids and keeping fans entertained on social media.