‘Storage Wars’ Star Casey Nezhoda Checks Out NASA’s Houston Space Center

by Craig Garrett

Storage Wars bidder and youtube star Casey Nezhoda was flying high while on a recent trek to NASA’s Houston Space Center. She took to her Instagram to express her excitement over the visit. Judging from the pictures, she spent the day at the facility with her family.

Nezhoda posted three images from the trip. The first was of the Storage Wars star standing in front of the NASA logo, grinning. Next was a candid shot of Nezhoda with family outside the grounds of the facility. Finally, she posted an image of herself posing in front of a large, dynamic-looking model of Earth’s moon. “Out of this World… Amazing times,” the reality star captioned the images.

How the Nezhoda’s are keeping busy outside of Storage Wars

Casey Nezhoda and her husband Rene, dubbed the “The Bargain Hunters,” made their Storage Wars debut in season 4. The pair were wildly popular and became regular cast members the following season. Rene is a German native who owned the Bargain Hunters thrift store in Poway, California, near San Diego until it shut down in 2021. Though Rene has remained a regular cast member, Casey has made fewer appearances in recent seasons. However, the couple has an extremely popular youtube channel. The channel is named after their old shop, Bargain Hunters Thrift. They have nearly 150 thousand subscribers, with videos pulling up to a million views.

One video of note on the channel is when their shop was broken into back in 2019. According to Rene and Casey, a thief or several thieves broke into the business by smashing through the glass front doors at around 4 a.m. on May 6, 2019. The pair were not in town at the time of the break-in. The burglars took some rare collectibles that looked very valuable. However, the items were valued at less than the $2,000 worth of damage caused during the break-in itself.

Rene felt that the perpetrator was searching for drug money at the time. “If you’re a tweaker out there if you’re a drug user if you’re a guy that just doesn’t want to work,” Rene said, venting his frustrations. “If you’re lazy, or you’re just a scumbag,” he said before his wife added, “Run ‘cause Rene’s gonna stab you.” Rene continued to vent. “I think, and you know I’m being really open about that and I might get hate for it or in trouble, but I think thieves are the lowest form of people,” the Storage Wars star said. Finally, Rene offered a word of warning to future thieves. “I am sometimes here late at nighttime, and I am armed, so if you do that while I’m in here, you will get shot,” he said. “Stealing will never get you anywhere.”

Storage Wars airs on A&E.