‘Storage Wars’ Star Casey Nezhoda Shows Off New ‘Heavy’ Load From 1977

by Emily Morgan

With filming underway for a new season of “Storage Wars,” we can’t help but be excited. Furthermore, we’re even more pumped for the new season after cast member Casey Nezhoda posted a pic of her latest find.

On Monday, Nezhoda took to Instagram to tell her followers she was getting “back to reality” on the popular A&E reality TV series that follows a group of bidders looking to go on their own treasure hunt by buying repossessed storage units. We see Nezhoda standing in front of a truckload of decades-old boxes in the pic, teasing us with what’s to come this season. “You guys wouldn’t believe how Crazy, Heavy this load is,” she wrote in the caption before revealing that the unit had been hiding away since 1977.

As for what’s in the dusty cardboard boxes, fans will have to wait for its 15th season to hit the air. The beloved bidding show first hit A&E in December of 2010. Now, 22 years later, it’s still going strong.

Nezhoda revealed the news that a new season was in the works via Twitter on April 30th. The tweet came just over two months since Season 14 began airing. Barry Weiss, Kenny Crossley, Lisa Delarios, and Ivy Calvin returned to the show.

After Nezhoda posted about this season’s finale on April 20th, a fan pointed out that they thought Nezhoda didn’t get enough screen time in the current season and asked if she’d be in more episodes next season.

Nezhoda replied by writing, “[You’re] so kind. #StorageWars is going to start #filming a Whole NEW Season starting next week!!!!! Go team #BargainHunters.”

We don’t know much about what to expect in the next season. However, since Casey and Rene Nezhoda are the only two who have publicly talked about the renewal, they’re the only two who seem to have confirmed they’re in the next season.

Season 15 cast of ‘Storage Wars’ still up in the air

As for Brandi Passante, her future on “Storage Wars” doesn’t seem as clear. She and longtime partner Jarrod Schulz recently went through a breakup that puts her involvement in “Storage Wars” into question. Fans have seen Passante on the reality TV show since its inception back in 2010. While on the show, she made appearances with Schulz.

However, during season 13’s premiere, fans learned that the two weren’t together anymore. Yet, things took another term: viewers later understood that the pair had gone their separate ways two years prior but decided to keep up appearances for the show.

Unfortunately, Schulz closed the proverbial door on “Storage Wars” when he officially left the series in 2021. However, according to Passante, working with her ex after they had broken up was far from easy.

“I’m not a fan,” Passante said in an interview about filming with her ex. “Not a fan. He’s just so obnoxious and never stops talking.” As for Passante’s future on the show, we’re still in the dark. However, we expect to hear more details in the coming future.