‘Storage Wars’ Star Casey Nezhoda Reveals Show Has Started Filming New Season

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by George Buid/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

Season 14 of Storage Wars ended only a few short weeks ago, but thanks to castmate Casey Nezhoda, we know that another season is on the way.

The star shared the news on Twitter last month. And while we don’t know if the slip was intentional, we do know that not only will the show go into its 15th year, but the bidders have already begun filming new episodes.

After posting about the latest season finale on April 20th, a fan mentioned that Nezhoda didn’t get enough screen time this year and then asked if she’d be in more episodes next season, “if there is one.”

Nezhoda happily answered by writing “[You’re] so kind. #StorageWars is going to start #filming a Whole NEW Season starting next week!!!!! Go team #BargainHunters.”

Storage Wars’ latest run wrapped up filming just before the finale aired, which means the bidders had little time between work. And while A&E has yet to confirm Casey Nezhoda’s words, we assume the Twitter comment is enough to trust that the series hasn’t seen its end.

However, it’s hard to tell what’s in store for the series. Because Casey and Rene Nezhoda are the only two who have mentioned the renewal, they’re the only duo who we know will be around for season 15. Every other cast member has been tight-lipped about their future with the series.

Brandi Passante does seem to be a constant presence in the show. Though with her recent break up with longtime partner Jarrod Schulz, there’s no telling if she will continue to bid for another year.

Brandi Passante Continues on ‘Storage Wars’ Season 14 Without Partner Jarrod Schulz

Passante has been with Storage Wars since its debut in 2010. And all along, she had her boyfriend Jarrod Schulz by her side. But when season 13 opened, the two had split. And it was later revealed that the couple actually broke up two years prior, but they decided to keep up appearances for the camera.

Schulz ended up exiting the series for good in 2021, but he stuck around to film for a few months after Passante shared the news. And Passante said working with him post-breakup was “Tumultuous.”

“I’m not a fan,” Passante told PopCulture of working with her ex. “Not a fan. He’s just so obnoxious and never stops talking.”

Unfortunately, there was more than an annoyance in Brandi Passante’s message though. That summer, headlines broke that Schulz was arrested for a domestic dispute. And his former flame later shared that she’d been living with his issues for years. Because of that, Schulz left the show and Passante continued on without a bidding partner.

Whether she’ll continue to work on the show alone, we don’t know. But since Nezhoda clued us in on a new season, A&E will likely give us more details in the coming weeks.