‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Shares Filming Update With Wife Laura

by Emily Morgan

Dan Dotson is giving his “Storage Wars” fans a peek about what’s to come. On Thursday, the hit A&E reality series star posted a pic that excited us about new episodes. The show follows a group of people who try their luck at betting on abandoned storage lockers in hopes of winning big despite knowing the contents of what’s inside. 

“Laura and I on the road filming another great episode of #storagewars @aetv @paytheladylaura,” he wrote alongside a funny pic of the show’s production crew having a silly moment. Recently, the duo has been vocal about their anticipation to get back to filming.

Dan and his wife, Laura Dotson, have been part of the iconic series since its debut season in 2010. However, that hasn’t kept some fans from speculating if Dan Dotson is a real auctioneer outside of “Storage Wars.” While it’s no secret that much of reality TV is fake, it’s only natural to question Dotson since he stars in the popular reality series. While the series appears authentic, can we say the same for Dan? 

According to reports, much like the bidders on the hit A&E show, Dan is the real deal. At the time of the show’s premiere, he was already a seasoned auctioneer in his professional life off-camera. 

When they’re not shooting new episodes of “Storage Wars,” Dan and his wife run their own business, known as American Auctioneers. As it turns out, he considered himself an auctioneer aficionado before becoming a household name thanks to the show. 

The history behind Dan Dotson’s auctioneering before ‘Storage Wars’

In fact, the art of auctioneering runs deep in his family’s roots. His grandfather was a cattle and farm auctioneer in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas. After learning the ropes from him, Dan started working alongside his grandfather at auctions. Then, as he grew older, he started skipping school to go to auctions alone to work. 

Per the American Auctioneers website, the couple’s company presides over 300,000 auctions and appraisals each year. In addition, Dan and Laura are two of the longest-running cast members on the show, which is getting ready to debut its 24th season. 

Laura once revealed during an interview that the show was actually her idea. She explained to Monsters & Critics in November 2021 that she had dreams about the type of show she and Dan wanted to create. Dan said in the same interview that they later went to the network with it and never looked back. 

“We originally thought that if we could figure out a way to get a pilot and that could get out there, that would be better than just nothing,” Dan said. “And then when A&E ordered the first four shows, we were just ecstatic. It’s just been a super blessing for us ever since then.”

He also said that he believes that “Storage Wars” is what he and Laura were “destined to do.”