‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Updates Fans on Dog Jax After Health Scare

by Tia Bailey

Storage Wars” Dan Dotson’s family suffered a health scare recently. Dotson’s dog, Jax, was so sick they almost lost him.

Dotson shared a tweet this morning, saying: “Jax has had a rough way to go. We almost lost him last year, no one knows what his problems were but he’s slowly getting better all the time. He’s able to walk and he’s putting weight back on. We just love our Jax He’s like family to us, they all are. #doglovers”.

Although it is unknown what was wrong with Jax, Dotson and his family are very happy that is he now okay.

Dotson shares photos and videos of his dog all the time on social media. It is clear he cares deeply about his dogs. He asked the internet for name suggestions when he first got him. One tweet reads: “Thank you to everyone for sending out so many great names for this little guy. We’ve read each suggestion and have it narrowed down to our top 2 favorites. Help us out, if we can’t name him, we have to send him back. Jk Casper or Jax”.

He shared a video of him back in 2020, saying: “Jax say’s enjoy your Friday. Auctions all weekend. Want to make money in the buy sell game? Give us a follow & check out our sales.”

Another Jax tweet reads: “

Jax likes to take things apart. Stay posted for pics of my #ChromeHearts #FlavorSlavor shades that I just loved, I couldn’t even get mad at him staring at all of the little pieces stacked in a pile. Time for #puppyschool @storageauctnet”.

His pup is definitely loved, and his family is glad he is better today.

As his posts are tagged, Dotsen is a major dog lover. Just a few days ago he tweeted a photo of a dog, saying: “We’re adding Chanel to our family. #doglovers”.

Fans in the replies fell in love. One response read: “I’m in love @cutiepie God Bless!!”

New Season of “Storage Wars” Has Begun Filming

Season 14 of “Storage Wars” wrapped up earlier this year, and season 15 of the show has been confirmed. The cast and crew have even started filming season 15. Fans are excited for the upcoming season, and some even remember the show fondly from watching it as a family.

One tweet reads: “If you didn’t grow up watching behind bars and storage wars with your dad when you couldn’t sleep you probably didn’t grow up to be as cool as me”.

It seems to be a common occurrence to love the show after growing up with your dad making you watch it. Other tweets relate to the same scenario, and many talk about how “addicting” the show is.

There is not currently a release date for season 15 of “Storage Wars,” but fans can keep up with the casts’ social medias for content (whether it be in their own lives, or their dogs’ lives). However, some past seasons of the show are available to stream on Peacock and Hulu.