‘Storage Wars’: Dave Hester Revealed His Thoughts on Going Through Storage Lockers

by Craig Garrett

Storage Wars star Dave Hester recently elaborated on his feelings regarding going through other people’s abandoned storage units for profit. The A&E reality competition show has a pretty simple premise. It’s all about the legal right of storage facilities in California to sell their contents after renters have failed to pay for three months in total. Many bidders at these auctions are not simply amateurs, but professionals looking to make a living by purchasing and reselling possessions stored in the storage lockers.

Dave Hester is one of the main buyers in Storage Wars. The reality star did hit a snafu in season three, however. A&E terminated Hester after he claimed that a lot of what is purported to be real by the program is, in fact, phony. In the end, Hester and the network reached a compromise, with Hester returning for its fifth season on Storage Wars. Hester is now a full-time auctioneer, offering his services not just to storage facilities but also to anybody who wants an auction expert to lead it.

Since many fans know of Dave Hester’s claims of the show fabricating scenes, they may be skeptical of his profession. Just how much can someone really make scavenging through abandoned storage units? Is it even possible to have a career pursuing such a gamble of a vocation? In one interview, Hester addressed what it’s like to go through the items in a locker he purchases, as well as his personal feelings about the procedure.

For Dave Hester, his profession is all business

In an interview with La Crosse, Wisconsin-based radio station 95.7 The Rock, Dave Hester discussed the nature of his odd storage locker buying job. The radio host pushed Hester on if he enjoyed going through other people’s things, or ever felt bad about it. Hester gave a candid response. “For me, it’s strictly business,” he said. He pointed out to the host that he himself has 15 employees to pay. “We want to make money. We’re not there to play with it or have fun. It’s not a hobby. It’s the best way I’ve found, in my life, to make a good living.”

Dave Hester minces no words about loving profit over collectibles. In an interview with StorageAuctions.com, Hester said that his main motivation is to make money above all else. When the interviewer asked if he ever set anything aside to collect, Hester stopped him short. “I collect money,” he quipped. During the interview, Hester also revealed if anyone still says his catchphrase of “Yuuuup” to him. “Every day – All day,” he joked.

Still, Dave Hester is proud that he managed to brand himself outside of the show. He feels that sets him apart from his other cast members from Storage Wars. “The other cast members can’t even tie their shoes let alone brand themselves,” he said.