‘Storage Wars’ Fans Are in a Frenzy Over Brandi Passante’s Latest Post With Barry Weiss

by Joe Rutland

For fans of Storage Wars, they can geek out over seeing show stars Brandi Passante and Barry Weiss team up for some sweet pics. We get a chance to see them together in two photos from Passante’s Instagram account. A third photo features a motorcycle but we don’t know if it’s hers or Weiss’ sweet ride. Well, fans love seeing these two TV stars together. Feast your eyes upon Passante and Weiss having some laughs and fun.

Weiss is no longer on the show, but his time there is well-remembered by longtime fans. Passante has been a part of it for a long time. She was connected with Jarrod Schulz but, yeah, that’s all over. In fact, Passante called the time filming with him after their breakup “tumultuous.” She made her comments in an interview with PopCulture. But Passante would say at the time that her issues were more with Rene Nezhoda. “I’m not a fan,” Passante said. “Not a fan. He’s just so obnoxious and never stops talking.”

Comments Flow In For ‘Storage Wars’ Stars Getting Together

Speaking of fans, they are talking about seeing Passante and Weiss together. One writes, “Your looking great, Barry! Your looking hot as always, Brandi!” Another one states, “My 2 favorite storage peeps!!!” This one says, “looking good girl….. ride or die”. Obviously, Storage Wars fans love to see their favorites whenever they get together. This show has been on TV since 2010 and still draws people to the world of auctioneering.

And these people are serious. Sometimes, you can see them get busy and it’s like they are going for the jugular at times. Maybe this is one reason the show’s fans come back over and over again. Also, seeing what is available from these storage units is quite amazing in itself. You never know what you are going to see on the show. But watching the people go through their bidding process sure is interesting.

Now that Passante has been single for a period of time, she’s been hitting the bar scene. Heaven knows, she’s probably heard a pickup online or two. But she’s sharing the worst pickup line she’s heard at a bar. Ready? A guy comes up to her and reportedly asks if she likes his shirt. Passante didn’t reply. Then, he asks Passante if she knew what the shirt was made of. She guesses cotton. Well, he comes back and says, “Boyfriend material.” She might have needed a couple of more drinks to recover from that pickup line. Of course, going out and bidding on items up for auction might cure a bad joke hangover as well. Passante knows her way around the auction world.