‘Storage Wars’ Fans Happy to See Brandi Passante Back on Social Media With New Pics

by Alex Falls

Popular Storage Wars star Brandi Passante has been uncharacteristically silent on her social media for the last several weeks. Normally she’s busy adding pictures that give her loyal followers a special look into her busy life. But she’s been radio silent for several weeks.

But she made a return to her Instagram with several photos where she’s seen celebrating her uncle’s birthday.

Passante captioned the series of photos, “Happy Birthday to the bestest Uncle Scooby in the whole galaxy! I’ll see you at Bloody Mary Mother F***er ♥️ #howcanibethemanwhenyouretheman.”

Her followers were quick to voice their relief to see Passante come back to social media. One fan chimed in, “Wow! Been awhile! .. happy to see you back!” Another said, “Hi brandi, watching storage wars only for you. Huge fan of you from South India.” And of course, her fans noted how nice it was to see her good looks back on display.”You look great, Brandi!!” wrote one loving fan.

Behind ‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Passante’s Relationship With Jarrod Schulz

The long-running reality TV series helped put Passante on the map. Viewers got to see her life documented closely for years so there’s a sense of attachment between her and the viewers. But her debut on the show also included Jarrod Schulz, her husband at the time.

The couple were so popular on Storage Wars that they were even given their own spin-off show in 2014. Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job showed them navigate their busy schedules while planning their wedding. The show was short-lived with only one season and the relationship deteriorated behind the scenes.

As Storage Wars continued to draw massive audiences, the couple eventually decided to call it quits. But they carried on with their work on the show. Passante said it was “not comfortable” to continue filming the show with her ex. However, they continued to act like a couple for the cameras.

It took until season 13 for them to publically confirm they were no longer together. Once it became public knowledge, the animosity between the two became clear even on camera.

Both stars remained on the show despite the breakup. But they were no longer bidding partners. Adversaries would be more accurate. Shultz took every opportunity to outbid Passante. Even if it made no financial sense. To add insult to injury, he loved taking digs at her in front of the cameras.

Fortunately for Passante, Schultz didn’t get to stay on the series much longer. He was gone from the show before the end of the 13th season after allegations of domestic abuse came to light. But Passante carried on in the aftermath.

Season 14 wrapped in April earlier this year. But A&E has yet to confirm season 15. Stay tuned for more information on what’s next for Storage Wars.