‘Storage Wars’: How Mavrick Suffered a Serious Accident Where He Lost His Right Eye

by Taylor Cunningham

In 2020, Storage Wars bidder Mavrick Von Haug lost his right eye to a freak biking accident. And he hasn’t appeared on the series since.

Mavrick was a Storage Wars regular during seasons 7 and 8. He was famous for having tattoos on his face—which he got on a dare—and for being a five-time world MMA champion.

The star left the show in 2015 and never shared if he’d return to the screen. But five years later, an accident seemingly ended his TV and MMA careers for good.

As a GoFundMe page shared, Mavrick was riding his bike on June 15th, 2020, with his then-fiance Gwendolyn, which was something they did every morning. However, that day he “struck the back of a parked semi at high speed.”

During the collision, Mavrick “punctured and lost his right eye,” and he suffered 21 facial fractures. Doctors had to put him through various reconstructive surgeries. And they fit him with a prosthetic eye.

Unfortunately, Mavrick Von Haug’s injuries went beyond physical issues, too. The reality star had severe brain trauma that caused major memory losses. And at the time, his family expected a long road toward rehabilitation.

“First, we ask for your prayers for Mavrick and Gwen through this difficult time and for your financial generosity to aid in medical expenses that are multiplying by the hour,” the page reads.

The Storage Wars star was able to raise $25,891 of his $100,000 goal.

There is no formal word on how Mavrick’s recovery went. However, according to his now-deleted Instagram page, he was doing well as of this year.

The Former ‘Storage Wars’ Star is Living on a California Ranch with His Family

The page shared that he was back in his MMA career in 2022. He and Gwen also tied the knot and they recently celebrated their six-month anniversary. While many of his injuries have healed, he wears a patch over his right eye.

According to Reality Tidbit, Mavrick Von Haug is a National Physique Committee (NPC) Wellness Competitor and Men’s Physique Competitor these days. He also works as a Hollywood stunt man and a board member of his local school district.

Mavrick Von Haug also supports his world champion bodybuilder wife. She is now a famous personal trainer who owns GEMbody Fitness. Gwen also moonlights as a nutritionist, model, and actress. 

The two still make it a point to work out together each day and they’re currently living at their home in Lucerne Valley, California, with their children.