‘Storage Wars’ Alum Mary Padian Had a Very Famous College Roommate

by Taylor Cunningham

Long before Mary Padian was a fan favorite on Storage Wars, she was partying in college bars with someone so important that she required Secret Service detail.

As the reality star shared on The Mystery Men podcast earlier this month, she briefly roomed with Jenna Bush while the two were students at the University of Texas at Austin—while G.W. Bush was sitting in the White House.

Padian moved in with Bush after returning from an internship at Harpers Bazaar in New York City. And to her, the living arrangements were a bit wild. But Jenna acted like a normal student, and the two got along just fine.

“It was crazy, but it was her life,” Padian admitted. “She didn’t choose it. She was indifferent to it. It was fine but it wasn’t.”

Because Jenna Bush was the First Daughter at the time, she was constantly surrounded by Secret Service members. And while one would assume that Bush had to live a boring life due to security issues, she didn’t.

The now host of The Today Show still went out and experienced a true college lifestyle. She just had to do so under the close watch of highly trained bodyguards. And all the while, she brought her roommate Mary Padian along for the ride.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Mary Padian Partied in College Bars with the First Daughter

Mary Padian even admitted that going out to bars with Jenna Bush wasn’t hectic or awkward at all. The Secret Service team members were so good at their jobs that they blended right in. And after a few drinks, the Storage Wars star didn’t even remember they were lurking in every corner.

“I forgot,” she said about the detail. “Looking back on it, I’m like, ‘Oh my God,’ you know? But at the time, no, [I didn’t notice]. I mean, they’re Secret Service — they’re trained professionals. They know what to do.”

In fact, the men assigned to Jenna Bush were so elusive that they just followed the first daughter without ever communicating with her. Bush never had to ask or tell them what she planned to do. They just “trailed her like a lost puppy.”

But, of course, it wasn’t always easy to forget that Jenna Bush’s father was the most important man in the country. There were still moments when people or situations would come up that would be uncomfortable. And Padian couldn’t help but feel bad that Bush couldn’t blend in like everyone else.

“It was just her dad was the president,” she admitted. “I felt bad for her at times.”