‘Storage Wars’: Rick Harrison Is an ‘Extremely Proud Dad’ in Sweet Post Celebrating Daughter Graduating From LSU

by Emily Morgan

Rick Harrison can’t help but dote on his daughter after she completed a significant milestone. Recently, the TV icon took to social media to congratulate his daughter on graduating college. 

“Extremely proud dad here,” Harrison began the sweet post on Instagram. In addition to completing her undergraduate degree, his daughter is also celebrating her birthday on the same day. 

“My little girl becomes 21 AND an LSU graduate today! I’m so impressed of your accomplishments @sarina2175. Know that you can achieve anything in life and you are so loved,” he added. 

As for whether or not Sarina will continue the family business on “Pawn Stars,” we’ll have to wait and see. While we don’t know much about Sarina, we do know about Harrison’s other children. Harrison and his oldest son, Corey, run his pawnshop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Harrison married his first wife, Kim, at just 17. Together they are parents to two children, Corey and Adam. Sadly, the couple opted for divorce in 1985, after just three years of marriage. 

Rick Harrison’s children continue the family business

In 1986 Harrison married his second wife, Tracy, and they stayed together until 2011. They also share a son named Jake. Harrison’s eldest son, Corey, started appearing on “Pawn Stars” beginning in 2009. 

Onscreen, Corey has had significant success on the show. However, things look considerably different behind the scenes. His marriage with Korina “Kiki” Harrison ended after only a year in 2018. 

“Karina and I love each other very much,” Corey previously said in an interview. “With our competing work schedules, we just weren’t able to make the marriage work but remain good friends and want only the best for each other.” 

Adam also made appearances at the shop but had no interest in continuing the family business. Instead, he reportedly works as a plumber. 

As for his other son, Jake, he made his debut appearance on a recent episode. During the episode, he made it clear he was Harrison’s son when he successfully distinguished a fake and a genuine Rolex.

After just ninth grade, Harrison left school, but he gained valuable experience when he learned about trading valuables. 

“I [had] a little bit of job here, started buying and selling stuff, basically educated myself. I’ve always been buying and selling stuff. I wanted a pawnshop. I went down to City Hall,” he explained in an interview.

“They told me, ‘No, you can’t get a pawnshop.’ I asked them why. They pulled out the city code, and apparently, what happened in 1955, the good old boys got together, and they passed a city ordinance that when the city population got to 250,000, they would issue one more [pawn] license,” Rick added. “I started calling the city [statistician] once a week.”