‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Passante Reveals Tattoo That Serves as Her ‘Little Reminder’

by Alex Falls

Tattoo work can represent a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings. It’s a chance to display the inner workings of your mind in a beautiful piece of art that stays with you forever. They can remind you of those moments in life that define the person you’ve become. Brandi Passante of Storage Wars fame is an advocate of tattoo work. And she recently posted a reminder to herself of the power behind the ink.

Her emotional Instagram post also included a heartfelt caption.”My little reminder of the strength, that I finally, miraculously, found… & all that I’ve accomplished. In spite of constantly being told, that I was worthless… My reminder that I can be fearless and free to make my own choices without consequences…. Well, it started to fade, along with all that confidence. I think I really needed that reminder back. So, I got my ass to @Firestone tattoo My little tattoo got a much needed touch up.”

She continued by writing, “Thank you @jack_mauk for making me remember who the fuck I am.. If you are ever in, or near Downey Ca… I highly suggest you check out @firestonetattoo they are phenomenal artists and the shop is beautiful. #tattoo #tattooideas #tattooideas #domesticviolenceawareness #domesticviolencesurvivor #freeasabird.”

Her followers were quick to offer words of affirmation for Passante after her emotional post. “You are never worthless. You make a positive impact I am sure with your children and your energy around you,” wrote one fan. “You’re a badass don’t ever forget it! Miss you!!” said another who can’t wait to see her return to TV. “It’s the freedom of letting yourself know that opinions are like Arsoles everyone has one but only yours matters.”

Storage Wars Relationship Fued

Passante got her big break on the reality TV series Storage Wars. She quickly became a fan favorite out of the several teams of storage unit hunters. But her debut on the show also included Jarrod Schulz, her husband at the time.

Even though the show is not a true representation of her actual life, reality bled its way into Storage Wars and might indicate some of the struggle Passante is referring to in her recent post. While she and Schulz were presented as a powerful couple, behind the scenes the relationship is said to be rocky. They broke up sometime during the show’s height of popularity but continued to act as a couple for the cameras.

Passante said it was “not comfortable” to continue filming the show with her ex. However, they continued to act like a couple for the cameras. It wasn’t until season 13 that the show finally presented them as separate bidders. Shultz took every opportunity to undercut Passante in bidding

In 2021 Schulz was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence against Passante. He was also removed from the cast of Storage Wars, but Passante stayed on for season 14.