‘Storage Wars’ Star Brandi Passante Teases New Show Appearance Featuring ‘Lots of Booze’

by Joe Rutland

For all of you Storage Wars fans out there, we have a Brandi Passante sighting to tell you about and she’s talking about it, too. Actually, Passante took to her Instagram account on Wednesday to tell her followers some news. She’s going to be appearing on Spike’s Breezway Cocktail Hour that’ll have “lots of booze.” What in the world is all this about? Let’s take a look and see what Passante has going on in her world.

“This is not funny or weird to him, like this is his f**king life, OK?” Passante says while looking at host Matt “Spike” Marble of The Hula Girls. “I’ve been shocked at your knowledge of tiki since you’ve been here,” Marble says. “Probably one of my favorite shows that I’ve come on because he just gives you lots of booze before, you know, we get on camera,” she says. “Like I have trouble filtering so this is gonna be great.”

Brandi Passante Of ‘Storage Wars’ Talks About Balancing Time On Show, Parenthood

Passante did open about balancing her time on the show and parenthood. Some may recall that she was on there with Jarrod Schulz but they did separate. “It’s a blessing and a curse,” Passante told the Orange County Register back in 2014 about fame. “Sometimes you just want to go to the grocery store and pick up some milk.” How did she deal with having her kids, who were 5 and 7 years old, respectively, when the show was on the air? Passante said that she’d attempt to overcompensate. She would take them to cool places and buy lots of stuff for them.

The Storage Wars star also said that she wanted to keep them humble. But she also admitted that it was kind of hard when she was not as present often enough. Looking back on that time, how in the world did she land a role on the show? A staff member of the show actually was looking to get Schulz on there. Show producers, though, visited his and Passante’s store Now and Then in Orange County. Reportedly, they saw her interacting with customers and made an offer for a role. She would accept and find herself as part of a rather interesting cast of characters.

Passante, though, has openly admitted that she was not comfortable filming with Schulz. This was after their breakup. And it also happened with her charging Schulz with domestic violence after a public incident. But she is still a part of Storage Wars and can be seen on new episodes of the popular show.