‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Documents a ‘Fun Day’ Riding With His Son

by Joe Rutland

For anyone who keeps up with Dan Dotson of Storage Wars, then you know that he does love his work as well as his family. They have a connection that keeps him moving in life. On Saturday, Dotson took to Twitter and shared a sweet video. This one has him and his son out for a ride. Let’s see what they are up to in this two-plus-minute clip.

Both Dan and his son share a love of riding motorcycles. Earlier this month, he shared another video of them in what he calls “family time.” Longtime viewers know that Dan and Laura Dotson are one-two of the show’s biggest stars. They get out there and get involved in the bidding. Dan has been busy in the world of auctioneering since 1974. We don’t think that he and Laura are going to slow down as the A&E Network gets ready for another season. Heck, even Dan alludes to this fact in his tweet.

Dan Dotson of ‘Storage Wars’ Gets Ready For New Season With Wife Laura

Now the popular couple has been busy filming episodes for a new season. In yet another update, they offered a little inside view of their lives. “Laura and I on the road filming another great episode of #storagewars @aetv @paytheladylaura,” Dan Dotson wrote on Twitter. The caption comes along with a photo of some of the show’s production crew. They were definitely having fun being out there with the Dotsons yet again.

Back in January, he and Laura would take a minute to say thank you to their fans for tuning into the show. Dan and Laura are true professionals in their world. While they are not on the air, both of them handle work in their own business. For them, Storage Wars is merely an extension of their real life. Over the years, this show’s cast has been filled with some interesting people.

What, though, would Dan Dotson consider his biggest score from an auction? He talked about it in an interview with Monsters & Critics. He said that back in 1989, he acquired five coins from a $75 unit that he and Laura sold for $26,000. Dotson recalled that they were between two pieces of glass and separated by old electrical metal tape. What covered them up? A Sears catalog cover.

“They were just a beautiful set of coins,” Dotson said. “So, at the time we ran an auction house in Southern California that was just on a shoestring budget. I actually bought a unit and I scored, and that kept us in business there for over a decade. So, you really never know what you’re going to find.”