‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Looks Like a ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Character in This Awesome New Motorcycle Pic

by Caitlin Berard

For Storage Wars fans, it’s difficult to imagine Dan Dotson outside of the world of auctioneering, rattling off items and prices at breakneck speed. The celebrity auctioneer, however, has many hobbies away from the office. In addition to spending time with his wife and adorable pups, Dan Dotson can often be found on the back of his Harley, taking a joyride with friends.

This weekend was no exception, with the Storage Wars star enjoying a relaxing ride to the picturesque city of Big Bear Lake, California.

Dotson posted a picture to Twitter documenting his trip, showing himself standing outside of a convenience store with his fellow motorcycle enthusiasts and their rides in the background. “Nice ride to Big Bear,” he wrote. “Enjoy your weekend.”

‘Storage Wars’ Star Laura Dotson Says the Show Came to Her in a Dream

Thanks to Storage Wars, Dan and Laura Dotson are now among the most famous auctioneers in the world. Their auction career, however, stretches back far beyond the series. In fact, Dan Dotson has been in the auctioneering business since the 70s! As his grandfather was an experienced auctioneer as well, Dan grew up in the business and proved himself a natural at the young age of 11.

In 1996, Dan Dotson met the woman who would become his wife and business partner, Laura, and it was through her that they became a national sensation. According to Laura, the idea for Storage Wars came to her in a dream.

“I’m the one who pitched the show to the network,” she explained to Monsters & Critics. “After I had seen it come to life in my dreams.”

“I’d been having all these dreams where I kept seeing television cameras around us while we are at an auction,” Laura recalled. “And I’m thinking, ‘Who wants to see auction stuff? Or this underground world of stuff which you never know what you’re going to find?’ And it turns out that it’s just this exciting thing that I didn’t even know if anybody was going to be interested in.”

Laura and Dan Dotson Reveal How They Choose Buyers for the Show

Though Storage Wars is a reality TV show, it’s just like any other series in that everyone on set was hired to be there. Even the buyers aren’t there by accident, they’re carefully chosen by Laura and Dan Dotson. The couple both understand the importance of the “characters” in their show. However, they each have a different method of choosing them.

For Dan Dotson, experience is key. “Personally, I thought it was important just to have the strongest and most seasoned buyers that had the money in their pocket,” he explained. “Because they knew how to buy and they weren’t afraid.”

Laura, on the other hand, always knew that the buyers could make or break the show. Therefore, it was essential that they find relatable, likable people. “I figured personality is very important,” Laura said. “That the viewers would fall in love with these personalities and find themself like a certain character.”

“They did a great job of getting a sliver of real buyers. Like every buyer that we have kind of represents some kind of a personality trait,” she continued. “Or a personality of a type of buyer that’s out there. So, I think that people at home will look at stuff and say, ‘I’m like Brandi’. Or ‘Hey, I’m like Darrell.'”