‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Posts Sweet Moment With Brandi Passante Behind the Scenes

by Joe Rutland

When people can get a chance to see Storage Wars stars Dan Dotson and Brandi Passante together, then it’s worth celebrating. Dotson and Passante were together for a behind-the-scenes video that he filmed. As you may know, Dan and his wife, Laura Dotson, are very busy with the show and their own business. Well, let’s see what Dan is sharing with his fans on Twitter.

One fan replies to this video, “Glad to see you are all still doing the show. Love learning the interesting things that keep coming up. Keep it up.” We all love to learn new things and seeing Dotson out there is really worthwhile.

Dan Dotson of ‘Storage Wars’ Calls Show’s Popularity ‘Super Blessing’

This show has its own fans and followers. And Dotson does not take them for granted, either. He’s very focused as an auctioneer on what can be picked up in these different storage units. But Dotson is really clear to let it be known that the show’s popularity has been “a super blessing.” “We originally thought that if we could figure out a way to get a pilot and that could get out there, that would be better than just nothing,” Dotson said in an interview with Monsters & Critics. But the show would get picked up. Upon hearing this news, Dotson said that it’s “just been a super blessing for us ever since then.” And the show keeps on running on the A&E Network.

As we said, Dotson likes to keep in touch with Storage Wars fans through social media. Interestingly enough, he would share a moment that would put him among some Outsiders. Dotson took a video of a monster buck in his driveway. That video is incredible and took him by surprise. But there was even more of a surprise. The buck was walking along the edge of a road but then appears to disappear. It looks like some magic trick but it’s simply Dotson showing off this incredible animal.

Speaking of Laura, she once said that she felt “destined” to do the show. She and Dan happened to pitch the show to A&E. Then, Laura would be on the phone with the network while she was at an auction. “So, I let the crowd know, ‘We’re going to have a reality show someday,’ and I truly believed it was going to happen,” Laura Dotson told Monsters & Critics. “I even professed out there, ‘I think we’re going to have five million viewers.’ And all of that happened. I believe this is what we were destined to do.” Storage Wars remains quite popular and you can see new episodes when they start running once again.