‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson’s Motorcycle Club Has Some Serious ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Vibes

by Shelby Scott

Storage Wars and Sons of Anarchy are two completely different shows. However, taking to Twitter, Storage Wars star Dan Dodson has a new post that’s definitely giving off some heavy Sons of Anarchy vibes. Check out the tweet below.

While Storage Wars fans are used to seeing Dan Dotson attending various auctions on TV as an auctioneer, he’s also, apparently, a member of the motorcycle club called the Punishers. In his caption, Dotson wrote, “Welcome our newest prospect ‘Rust’ to our riding club.”

With a sense of pride in his tone, the Storage Wars star continued, “This former Marine starts his 6 month journey to becoming a full patched member of the West End chapter of the #Punishers.”

Among the hashtag “Punishers,” Dotson also included the tag “#lawenforcement.” A quick Google search reveals that Dotson’s motorcycle club consists of current law enforcement officers, retired law enforcement officers, first responders, and active and retired military. The club also welcomes those with “like-minded” values.

The Storage Wars star’s post saw love from fans with one commenting, “Thats cool.”

Who knew that in addition to his passion as an auctioneer, that the Storage Wars star also boasts a passion for motorcycles, riding, and, apparently, law enforcement and first responders?

Here’s What One ‘Storage Wars’ Star Thinks About Rummaging Through Lockers

At its simplest, Storage Wars follows a group of professional buyers that visit various storage facilities and purchase lockers based on what they can physically see. Storage Wars first aired in 2010, and then reignited in the spring of 2021. Among those stars that have come and gone is Dave Hester, who currently serves as one of the A&E series’ primary auctioneers.

Previously, Hester came to blows with the network as he claimed, in season three, that a lot of what the series conveys as real is, in truth, fake. It led to his brief hiatus from the show during its fourth season, but after reaching a compromise with A&E, Hester was welcomed back for the fifth season.

Following the disagreement with Storage Wars‘ broadcast network, Hester spoke out about what it’s like to rummage through various lockers.

When asked during a radio interview if he ever felt bad or enjoyed going through peoples’ belongings, the Storage Wars star replied, “For me, it’s strictly business.” He revealed that his current profession has proven most profitable compared to others but he still has employees to pay.

“We want to make money,” he continued. “We’re not there to play with it or have fun. It’s not a hobby. It’s the best way, I’ve found, in my life, to make a good living.”

The interviewer then asked if there were any finds, in particular, the buyer kept while sorting through storage lockers. However, again, he emphasized profit, stating, “I collect money.”