‘Storage Wars’: What Did Brandi Passante Do Before Appearing on the Show?

by Joe Rutland

For anyone who has watched Storage Wars over the years, then you know how much Brandi Passante has played in the show’s growth. Passante would become one of the show’s stars along with her former partner, Jarrod Schulz. Imagine what she was doing before the fame, fortune, and success rolled up to say hello from the TV show. Well, that’s exactly what we are going to look into around her life.

Passante and Schulz met in 1999. According to an article from the Orange County Register, Passante landed a job at a carpet-cleaning company in Tustin, Calif. Schulz was the sales office manager there and that’s how they would initially meet. So, she worked for a carpet company. Once she and Jarrod heard about the life of someone working on Storage Wars, then everything changed.

Brandi Passante of ‘Storage Wars’ Admits Being on TV With Schulz Post-Split Wasn’t Fun

Unfortunately, the relationship between Brandi and Jarrod turned sour. In fact, Passante said that she did not feel comfortable filming with him after their breakup. Back in 2021, three years after their split, Passante said in an interview with Pop Culture that running into Schulz at auctions is “not comfortable.”

One thing that she has been working on in her life is finding balance. Boy, isn’t that something for everyone to work on daily? Still, the Storage Wars star admits that she does spend time working on balancing time between the show and parenthood. When Passante started working on the TV show, her kids were 5 and 7 years old, respectively. Trying to find time for them in the busy, go-go-go world of TV and auctions does take time.

“I try to overcompensate by taking them cool places and buying them a lot of s**t,” Passante said in an interview with The Dad Diary. “I want to keep them humble, as well, but it’s kind of hard when you’re not present as often as you feel like you should be.” And you don’t see the kids too much on Storage Wars at all. She said that she doesn’t think “that they really cared for what comes with it,” she said on the Scorch’s Sloppy Seconds podcast. “(And) I think a lot of people think I never see my children or something because I don’t put them on there, but I’m doing it out of respect to them.”

Passante knows how to keep life moving forward based on her many experiences. The show has left her with a book full of lessons in both auctioneering and life. What will she be doing next in life? Well, Brandi has been dealing with some health issues. She recently came out with news that she received an autoimmune disease diagnosis.