‘Storage Wars’: Why Brandi Passante Says She Was ‘Not Comfortable’ Filming With Ex Jarrod Schulz After Breakup

by Taylor Cunningham

When Storage Wars stars Brandi Passante and Jarrod Schulz split in real life, they tried keeping their professional relationship intact for the sake of their careers. But in a 2021 interview, Passante admitted that working alongside her former flame was stressful and uncomfortable.

When the two made their A&E debut in 2010, they appeared to be the perfect couple. In fact, they seemed so in love that the network even gave them their own spinoff named Brandi and Jarrod: Married to the Job four years later. In it, the couple planned their nuptials while trying to juggle raising two teenagers with their demanding reality-star lives.

However, the series only lasted eight episodes, and Passante and Schulz never actually made it to the altar. Behind the scenes, their relationship was deteriorating. And the seemingly happy duo secretly split in 2018, but because of their jobs, they pretended to be together for the cameras.

It wasn’t until Storage Wars season 13 premiered that Brandi Passante and Jarrod Shultz admitted to the public that they had broken up. And upon sharing the news, it was clear that the former lovers could not stand each other.

Both stars remained on the show despite their drama, but they were no longer bidding partners. And it was a disaster from the start. Shultz enjoyed taking every opportunity to outbid his ex, whether it made financial sense or not. And furthermore, he loved taking digs at her in from of the cameras.

During an interview with Pop Culture, Passante admitted that she was “not a fan” of Schultz. And she added that “he’s just so obnoxious and never stops talking.”

Fortunately for her, however, Schultz didn’t get to stay on the series much longer. In fact, he didn’t even last through the entire season. However, the reason for Jarrod Shultz’s exit was much more serious than a few on-screen spats.

Brandi Passante’s Ex Leaves ‘Storage Wars’ After Allegations of Domestic Violence

In May of that year, news broke that Brandi Passante was charging Jarrod Schultz with domestic violence after a public incident in an Orange County bar.

According to a report by TMZ, Passante was with a group of friends when Shultz showed up. Shultz confronted his ex and the two began arguing. Eventually, the fight escalated to the point where he reportedly began to yell at her and shove her. Police arrested Shultz on the scene. However, he has since denied the allegations.

Luckily, Brandi Passante has been able to move forward from the incident gracefully, though. To this day, the reality star is still a consistent castmate on Storage Wars.