‘Storage Wars’: Why Did Mary Padian Leave the Show?

by Caitlin Berard

Back when Storage Wars: Texas hit the small screen in 2011, Mary Padian could hardly believe the situation she had found herself in. Her goal was never to be on TV, but she suddenly found herself not only on a hit series but as one of that series’ fan-favorite characters.

For the next 3 years, Mary Padian entertained fans with her joyful personality and knack for finding interesting treasures. Sadly, the series was canceled in 2014. The spinoff star was so beloved, however, that fans demanded A&E give her a spot on the flagship show.

The network obliged, and for 5 more years, Mary Padian demonstrated her treasure hunting prowess. Then, in 2019, Storage Wars went on indefinite hiatus, leaving Padian without a reality show yet again. That said, losing her TV role didn’t leave her without a career.

On the contrary, it gave her more time to focus on the store she had before her time on TV, an online thrift shop called Mary’s Finds. While Storage Wars‘ future remained uncertain, Mary Padian kept fans interested with frequent Instagram posts detailing her daily life.

Storage Wars finally returned in March, but Mary was missing from the regular lineup. This is due to the fact that Mary’s Finds is now her priority. Mary Padian is still listed as a guest star on Storage Wars. However, she’ll no longer be one of the show’s leading pickers.

‘Storage Wars’ Star Mary Padian Credits Her Childhood for Treasure Hunting Passion

Though Mary Padian didn’t join the cast of Storage Wars until her 30s, her love for treasure hunting stretches all the way back to childhood. Her father, John Padian, operates a scrap metal recycling firm in Texas and taught the value of salvaging early.

“My dad has his own business called JP Transmission Salvage,” Padian explained. “He started from the ground up selling scrap metal and now he does really well and works hard. He handles big furnaces and melts transmissions into ton bricks and ships them overseas and stuff.”

When she graduated college, Mary Padian began writing for Architectural Digest. She started as an apprentice to the editor-in-chief, then became assistant editor. At this point, she started a section in the magazine called “Mary’s Finds,” an early version of her current project.

With the original Mary’s Finds, Mary Padian created videos for AD‘s online magazine. In these videos, Padian taught others how to find affordable but fashionable furniture.

Her work with AD is long behind her, but Mary’s Finds is alive and well. Now, however, it’s a shop that features an “eclectic mix of found treasures refurbished or untouched,” according to the website.