WATCH: ‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Enjoys Some ‘Wind Therapy and Brotherhood’ in New Post

by Joe Rutland

Dan Dotson of Storage Wars fame does love to ride his motorcycle and he’s getting out for some “wind therapy” in this new video. He’s also joining up with some other brothers of the bike for what Dotson is calling “brotherhood.” If you look closely throughout this two-plus-minute-long video, then you can tell he’s got a lot of love for them. There’s something pretty magical about getting out there on the wide road and making tracks. So, let’s not keep you away from the fun and enjoyment that you can get along with Dotson right here.

Of course, longtime fans of Storage Wars love to see Dan and his wife, Laura Dotson, bid on different storage lockers. They have been in the auctioneering business for a long time and they know how things work. But they also enjoy showing the personal side of their lives, too. A case in point is Dan’s video from his motorcycle ride. There have been other ones, too. For instance, one time Dan took a video of a really swell video of a buck. One minute, it was walking along the side of a road. In a flash, though, it looked like the buck disappeared. One might call it magical. Dan was behind the camera on his phone when filimng this moment.

Dan Dotson of ‘Storage Wars’ Shared Update About His Dog Jax

Recently, though, there has been some animal news and not the good and fuzzy type. Dan’s dog Jax had a bit a of health scare and Dan was updating everyone about the situation on Twitter. He wrote, “Jax has had a rough way to go. We almost lost him last year, no one knows what his problems were but he’s slowly getting better all the time. He’s able to walk and he’s putting weight back on. We just love our Jax He’s like family to us, they all are. #doglovers”. Well, we sure hope that Jax gets to feeling better really soon.

Meanwhile, in other happier news, Dotson shared a behind-the-scenes moment with fans. It happened to be with fellow Storage Wars fan favorite Brandi Passante. In response to seeing the video of Dotson and Passante together, one fan wrote, “Glad to see you are all still doing the show. Love learning the interesting things that keep coming up. Keep it up.”

You know, Dan does love his motorcycles and we covered that a bit. But he has been sharing time with his son on the road, too. There is a type of bonding that takes place between father and son at moments like these. He called this time well spent as “family time.”