WATCH: ‘Storage Wars’ Star Dan Dotson Is ‘Making Memories’ with His Son Riding Motorcycles

by Caitlin Berard

The 13th annual Born Free Motorcycle Show took place in Silverado, California, this weekend, and Storage Wars star Dan Dotson was in attendance. In addition to his passion for auctioneering, Dan is also a longtime motorcycle enthusiast and frequently takes his Harley Davidson out for a ride with friends and family.

This time, he brought his son, Garett Dotson, along for the trip, the two “making memories” near stunning Irvine Lake in Orange County. To commemorate the father-son adventure, Dan Dotson posted a video of himself and his son, first showing off their rides at a gas station near the festival and then a brief window of their time at Born Free.

“We’re headed to Born Free out in the Irvine area today with my son and some of his buddies and we’re just gonna have a great time,” Dotson explained with a grin.

After they arrived, Dan asked his son if he had fun on the way, to which Garett replied it was actually “a little scary” because he got “the speed wobbles” trying to keep up with his friends. Thankfully, both Dan and Garett arrived safely and had a great time at the festival.

‘Storage Wars’ Dan Dotson Discusses Growing Up in Auctioneering

Dan Dotson is only 59 years old, but the Storage Wars star already has 48 years of experience in the auction business! How is that possible? Well, his grandfather, Sam Fancher, started letting him help with the family business when he was just 11 years old. By the time Dan was 16, he was skipping school to work at the Chino auction in California selling furniture for an auctioneer named Merl Bernard.

In a 2021 interview with Monsters & Critics, Dan Dotson recalled his early days in auctioneering. “You know, my grandfather and my mom were auctioneers,” Dotson explained. “And I have been doing it since I was a kid. In the early to mid-80s when we started selling these storage units, a lot of my contemporaries were selling cars, horses, or heavy equipment. These were very prestigious-type auctions.”

“So, I just did what I knew, which is to sell storage units,” he continued. “So, I started my own company, American Auctioneers, in 1983, and we started selling storage units. I didn’t make a lot of money, but I figured if I did enough of them that I could make a living at it. So, that’s kind of where I came from.”

The Storage Wars star never dreamed he would one day turn his talent into a thriving career in entertainment, but he’s “ecstatic” that he has. “We originally thought that if we could figure out a way to get a pilot and that could get out there, that would be better than just nothing,” he said. “And then when A&E ordered the first four shows, we were just ecstatic. It’s just been a super blessing for us ever since then.”