‘Survivor 42’ Contestant Reveals Unaired Moment That Truly Led to Defeat

by Shelby Scott

We’re down to the wire on “Survivor 42″ with just five contestants left. Most recently we said goodbye to 31-year-old contestant, veterinarian Omar Zaheer.

Throughout this season, we watched the strategic contestant skillfully navigate round after round of the show. However, his reign came to a screeching halt courtesy of rival “Survivor” contestant, Maryanne Oketch. From our perspective, it seemed as though Zaheer felt so safe compared to other survivors that he didn’t bother to use an expiring immunity tool to his advantage. However, in a new interview, the contestant revealed that wasn’t at all the case, instead attributing his defeat to an unaired “Survivor” moment.

Omar Zaheer Possessed an Idol Nullifier No One Knew About

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the “Survivor” contestant revealed his thoughts regarding his recent loss and the factors that led to his defeat. However, the truth of the loss is even more interesting.

Zaheer began his explanation, stating, “When you play a game that I was playing, it’s like a house of cards and it takes one little slip up for the whole thing to come tumbling down.”

More specifically though, he said, “I’m gonna drop some good tea here. I think that the thing that really set me on a course for destruction was that I kind of became Gollum to my ring, which was this immunity idol nullifier…that nobody knew about that I was planning to use on Mike.”

The “Survivor 42” contestant further explained that the unaired moment caused a rift between himself and a few of the other players. He only shared knowledge of the idol with a few people, but lied to others about the truth of his possession of it. In the end, it angered certain individuals and, ultimately, lead to his exit from the show.

Contestant Shares Unaired Details of ‘Survivor 42’

While “Survivor” attracts an impressive audience from week to week, we almost love knowing what goes on behind the scenes more than what takes place right in front of our eyes. And now that we know the truth of Omar Zaheer’s exit from the show, the “Survivor 42” contestant shared other BTS info he thought fans might be interested in.

Aside from his sudden loss, Zaheer spoke, mostly, about his friendships with some of his competitors, and how a lot of those bonds didn’t air on TV.

“I really wish they had showed my friendship with Maryanne,” Zaheer admitted, “because that was really early on. We’re just very similar people.”

“I wanted her to succeed,” he admitted.

The contestant also shared a friendship with “Survivor 42” contestant, Lindsay Dolashewich. “Lindsay and I had a close relationship that they kind of showed towards the end of the run I had,” he said. “So that was nice.”