‘Survivor’ Alums Reveals Birth of Their Second Child

by Tia Bailey

Sierra Dawn Thomas and Joe Anglim, who both appeared on the show “Survivor,” have welcomed their second child together. The couple welcomed their new baby on Monday, August 15.

Thomas and Anglim were both in “Survivor: Worlds Apart,” and got engaged in April of 2019. They got married later that year, and welcomed their daughter, Della Dawn Anglim, in May of 2021.

Thomas revealed on Instagram on Valentine’s Day this year that they were expecting another baby. She captioned the post: “We are just as shocked as you, we’re expecting baby #2! Ready or not, we are adding a little more love and the final member to our tribe❤️ Happy Valentines from the Anglim’s party of 4❤️.”

The photos featured Thomas and Anglim with baby Della, who was seated next to a sign that read: “Roses are red, Violets are blue, We’re expecting baby #2” along with ultrasound photos.

On Monday, they welcomed baby Vander Joseph into the world. The couple talked to US Weekly about their son.

We have never felt more complete,” Thomas exclusively shared with US. “He is absolutely perfect in every single way.”

Anglim is just as excited, telling the publication: “We’ve discovered that the greatest lesson and privilege in being parents is to not only to actively protect our children but to responsibly guide them in how to build strength in themselves, show respect to others, develop unbreakable faith, and live life with passion and purpose.”

“Survivor” Couple Welcomes Second Child

Thomas shared photos of their newborn son on Instagram. She wrote: “Vander Joseph Anglim. You are everything we never knew we needed. Welcome to the family, son. Vander (Meaning: Good Man.).”

According to Thomas’ Instagram post, Vander Joseph means “good man.” Thomas and Anglim shared to E! News back in 2021 their daughter’s name meaning as well: “We wanted to give her name that had a strong, powerful meaning. Something that was timeless. We chose Della, meaning noble and Dawn after her mom, sharing middle names.”

Fans were thrilled for the couple in the comments. Many people commented how “precious” he is, and congratulated the couple.

One fan commented: “Vander is so advanced — he’s already smiling!!! Bless this super sweet adorable baby boy!”

Thomas and Anglim have posted about each other as parents multiple times. On Father’s Day, Thomas shared a sweet video slideshow to Instagram on Anglim and Della. She shared a poem in the caption. The beginning of it reads:

Thank you for standing by me
watching what I’ve gone through.
I forget sometimes through teary eyes
that you’ve had to go through it too.

The labor and the birth
while that pain was mine.
Your hand was never far away
Your eyes never so wide.

My fear of being a new mother.
The onset of baby blues.
All the while you stayed strong for me
while you were fearful too.”

She then added her own thoughts on him, writing: “Watching you become a father has been more than I ever thought it could be. Celebrating you this weekend and everyday, we love you Joseph Francis.”