‘Survivor’: Jeff Probst Goes Behind the Scenes to Reveal How Challenges Are Built

by Chris Piner

Some can still remember the first season of Survivor and watching the contestants compete against each other for a grand prize of $1 million. Originally airing in 2000, the show has continued for 22 years. And not stopping anytime soon, season 43 airs this September. While the game show hosted hundreds of players over the years, each contestant had a chance to interact with host Jeff Probst. Embracing the survivor spirit, Jeff Probst has been part of the series since the first episode. But throughout all the seasons and stunning twists, many fans continue to wonder how the challenges are made out on a remote island.

Hoping to share some clarity on how the production takes place, CBS posted a video on Twitter, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the effort it takes to pull off one challenge. And there is nobody better person to explain the details than the host himself, Jeff Probst. Take a look.  

Fans Confused About New Twists

As most fans noticed in recent seasons, the show added in some unique elements to make sure the game stayed fresh. But as some pointed out, the twists and turns have become so constant that they have no idea what is going on. 

Speaking with The Wrap about hosting Survivor and the new changes to the show, Jeff Probst admitted to worrying about making the series too complex. “The scary part is that you can’t change it after you’ve done it. So, it goes back to being comfortable with the risk of having a massive failure. We knew we were going big. And we anticipated that fans and players might think it was a bit too much out of the gate. But we wanted the players to have to reassess everything they thought they knew about Survivor.  Everything.” 

The host added that the main focus of Survivor is to produce compelling moments. “We work really hard to deliver a big, prime-time adventure show but with stories that often turn on tiny moments of human behavior.  So, for all the talk of game design and twists and advantages, “Survivor” lives and dies with the people we put on the show.”

Jeff Probst Almost Left Survivor

And while Jeff Probst hosted every season, during season 19, he almost left, but at the end of the day, the host loves people. “I love human behavior.  I am fascinated by our decision-making process, our ability to justify our ethics, and our resiliency.  At my core, I am a writer first and I love being a part of telling these rich, layered stories of humans taking on a giant adventure and pushing themselves further than they ever knew they could go.  This job may not appeal to everyone, but for me I truly believe it’s the greatest professional job I’ll ever have!”