‘Survivor’ Contestant Jonathan Young Responds To Accusations He Was Mistreating Women on the Show

by Samantha Whidden

Following the recent accusations that he mistreated women on the 42nd season of “Survivor,” contestant Jonathan Young is now speaking out about the situation. 

While speaking about Lindsay Dolashewich and Maryanne Oketch making comments about the way he treated them during the season, the “Survivor” contestant admitted to Entertainment Weekly he hated that the fellow contestants felt that way about him. “Because whenever I got a chance to talk about them, I would give them praise,” he explained. “I would say, ‘You guys are doing great.’”

Young further explained that he would praise Dolashewich on her approach to “Survivor,” including her strategy. “I would always talk about, ‘She’s such a dominant force to be in these challenges. We got to get her out because she’s so good’. And that’s what I would do is I’d try to build them up and I hate that they… Now they get to see that I was always lifting them up.”

Dolashewich previously spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the way that Young treated her while on the show. “To put it in a quick sentence, Jonathan’s a misogynist. Or at least it felt that way on the island. I’m not someone who’s going to be talked to that way in real life.”

Dolashewich also said that in real life she would never have accepted being spoken to the way Young spoke to her or anybody else. “In my mind, that was very infuriating internally for me. So I figure, ‘How else can I do this? You know what? I’m going to beat you at the one thing that you’re good at, and I’ll just beat you in challenges instead. So that was my little way to get back at you considering I can’t voice myself in a social game that way.’”

‘Survivor’ Contestant Jonathan Young Reveals What Scenes He wished Made to TV 

Meanwhile, Jonathan Young spoke about what scenes he wished would have made appeared on TV during the latest season of “Survivor.”

“Yeah, I did a lot of survivalist things,” Young stated. “I climbed trees that were 40-feet high. I speared a lot of fish. I did a lot of things that didn’t make the cut, but again, they know better than me, my friend. But I hate that they didn’t put some more of that in there.”

When asked if he trusted Romeo to have a real immunity idol, Young declared, “Oh, absolutely not. I love Romeo, but no one believed that that was a real immunity idol. Romeo was like, ‘Guys, I have an idol.’ And they didn’t go to the confessionals when we’re all talking about it. But nobody was buying that Romeo had an idol. That’s why everybody didn’t care. They were like, ‘Come on, man. Really?’”