‘Survivor’: New Details Revealed About 43rd Season

by Emily Morgan

We have exciting new details about the new season of “Survivor.” According to reports, the production of Season 43 is reportedly done filming. So now, fans just have to wait for the show to premiere.

Previously, we got the low down about the new season from the show’s longtime host, Jeff Probst, in a recent interview at the end of Season 42. Probst teased fans with hints about what’s in store for the show’s future. 

The popular blog “Inside Survivor” has also given viewers some valuable information that was once nothing more than rumors about whether or not they’re changing the formula or sticking with their familiar ways. 

According to the blog, Season 43 will resemble its prior seasons. The show, which just snagged an Emmy nom, will introduce three new tribes and will last only 26 days. 

In addition, familiar segments will return, such as ‘Shot In The Dark’ and the ‘Risk vs. Reward’ that gave Season 41 and 42 many exciting twists. 

However, not every twist from the post-COVID seasons will remain in the new season. The blog also confirmed that there would be no more Hourglass or the Do Or Die segment. 

‘Survivor’ blog reveals show is saying goodbye to two segments

As the blog reveals, Season 43 also shares a connection with Season 44 in the same way that 41 and 42 were similar. Both seasons were filmed back-to-back and will likely contain the same format. With this, we can assume that the things that are leaving in Season 43 will also be staying and going in Season 44.

It’s also clear that production is listening to the show’s fans when it comes to deciding what is returning versus what’s getting the boot. 

As we saw, while the Shot In The Dark and Risk vs. Reward twists was popular among fans, the Hourglass and Do Or Die twists did not get the same response.

Both twists got criticism from both fans and the contestants. As a result, it would be an odd choice for the show to bring back the segments. So it’s a good sign for both Season 43 and 44 that they won’t be back. 

The blog also confirmed specific details of the upcoming season as well. Per their reports, there will still be some “earn the merge” twist. Just not with any hourglasses. 

Additionally, there will be some experimentation with other new twist ideas because they’ve done so in the past pretty consistently. 

As we mentioned earlier, Season 43 and 44 are being filmed back-to-back, meaning the players in Season 44 will be as unprepared for the new twists as the players in Season 43.

Season 43 of “Survivor” premieres on September 21st. You can watch it on CBS or Paramount Plus