‘Survivor’ Ratings Lead the Way on Wednesday

by Joe Rutland

Survivor gets the nod for ratings winner as Wednesday night provides some solid network shows to pick from in your viewing. The CBS reality show finished with a 0.8 rating in the 18-49 demo area along with 5.37 million viewers. Compared to last week’s episode, numbers remain pretty steady. One thing that might have helped this result was that the NBC One Chicago franchise of shows was in reruns.

Ratings For ‘Survivor’ Prove To Be Good Against Other Networks

Let’s take a look at other shows besides Survivor on a busy Wednesday night and the ratings war. On Fox, The Masked Singer posted a 0.6 demo and 3.9 million viewers. It happened to beat out ABC’s The Goldbergs at a 0.4 demo and 2.89 million viewers and The CW’s The Flash (0.1, 0.56M). 

For ABC, the sitcom The Conners with a 0.4 demo and 2.98 million viewers did really well. It ties with Beyond The Edge at a 0.4 demo and 2.74 million viewers. Meanwhile, Fox’s Domino Masters (0.3, 1.73M) did stay steady with host Eric Stonestreet. The CW show Kung Fu at a 0.1 demo and 58,000 viewers took just a tiny dip in viewership. We get more from Deadline.

A Chicago P.D. rerun did top the final TV hour on Wednesday night. It ties with the CBS drama Good Sam, which posted a 0.3 demo with 2.04 million viewers. That number for the drama happens to be a bit of an uptick in the ratings numbers for it. We’re still waiting to see what the network will do about the Sophia Bush show for a second season.

Contestants Are Having Fun Sharing Some Ideas For Game Twists

Meanwhile, Survivor contestants are sharing their questionable ideas for game twists. Some of them for season 42 wanted another Millennials vs. Gen X matchup. Toss in Generation Z, too. What about a season with all the people eliminated and kicked off the island first? People might like to also see a Blood vs. Water duel. Some others think a battle for a second-place winner in a second game within the game would be really cool. Toss in a competition that would unite different international competitors from past seasons.

Well, Tori Meehan is living out her entire family’s dream. She was a part of the Survivor 42 cast before her elimination. “Survivor is not even just my dream,” she said in an interview. “I’m literally living my family’s dream. I come from a very big family. I’m the middle child of five. And in our family, faith is really important to all of us. So, of course, Jesus is number one. But Survivor and Jeff Probst are a very close second.”