‘Survivor’s Season 42 Winner Has Fans Making Their Voices Heard

by Samantha Whidden

Following the season 42 finale of “Survivor,” the winner of the season, Maryanne Oketch, is now giving fans a chance to make their voices heard. 

According to Popculture, Oketch is the first Black woman in 20 years to be a winner on the show. It was noted that she won with a 7-1-0 vote, with Mike Turner securing one vote from his ally, Jonathan Young. The first Black woman to win “Survivor” was Vecepia Towery, in 2002. 

“Survivor” fans celebrated Oketch as well as the show’s latest milestone through their social media accounts. One fan shared, “she graduated college this year AND won ‘Survivor’ And her one million check deposit hits at midnight, no one is doing it like her.”

Another fan went on to declare, “The cherry on top is that everyone doubted her saying ‘She’s way too loud’ and ‘She can’t keep her mouth shut’. Maryanne not only kept it shut, she kept the biggest secret of the American and the moment she revealed it sealed the deal for her victory.”

‘Survivor’ Winner Maryanne Oketch Reveals Why the TV Show Continues to Remain a Part of Pop Culture 

While speaking to Teen Vogue, “Survivor” winner  Maryanne Oketch shares her thoughts about why the hit TV competition series has continued to remain a major part of pop culture. 

“The concept of the show is one of the most unique concepts on television,” the “Survivor” winner states. She also says that the show allows for people from all walks of life that may never interact with each other to be in a situation where they not only have to bond with each other, but also have to vote each other out to win. 

Oketch then shared, “‘Survivor’ has never shied away from the premise of this game, and that is why people, (including me) keep coming back. I fell in love with ‘Survivor,’ and because I loved it so much, I wanted to be a part of it.”

When asked if the show was different from what she was expecting, Oketch said, “When watching the show, everything feels like go, go, go and that there is no breathing room, but when you play, you do have time to take a breather. I remember taking naps on the island, and having time where I would just think and reflect about my experience.”

Oketch further explains that while the highs of “Survivor” are amazing, having the “lower energy levels” where she was able just to sit back and appreciate Fiji are some of the best moments in the game. In regards to her reaction to being a part of the new generation of the show’s players, Oketch added, “Not only am I getting to play on the show, but I have the ability to have a platform and a voice for issues that I am passionate about.”