‘Survivor’s Jeff Probst Responds to Major Show Reference in New Post

by Craig Garrett

According to some lyrics on her latest album, pop superstar Billie Eilish dreams about being on Survivor, and Jeff Probst weighed in. She performer already has 7 grammies and an Oscar for singing the No Time to Die theme. Does she also want to be the “Sole Survivor” on the grandaddy of reality competition shows? If we accept Eilish’s statement about the long-running reality series in her most recent song, it appears to be so.

Billie Eilish released her second EP, Guitar Songs, near the end of July. It featured a song called “TV.” For the most part, Eilish is hitting her usual marks, love, denial, and being alone. However, she didn’t stop there. She also made two amusing Survivor metaphors.“I put on Survivor just to watch somebody suffer” she croons at one point. She follows it up with, “Sinking in the sofa, while they all betray each other.” Jeff Probst couldn’t help but notice the shout-out from the superstar. He took to his Instagram to address the song in question. He joked that “nothing is easy on Survivor,” however it’s “easy to love” Billie’s new song.

It certainly sounds like Eilish has an inside track with Jeff Probst if she wants to be on Survivor. So far in the show’s 20-year history, there’s never been a celebrity edition. Stranger things have happened. The Big Brother celebrity editions have managed to attract some big names.

Despite Jeff Probst’s tease, Eilish would have to wait a while to be on Survivor

Jeff Probst’s followers appeared to be just as enthralled with something other than Billie Eilish’s exposed fandom in the comments. Many were truly shocked to see Probst using BeReal, a new social media platform that bills itself as the “anti-Instagram.” As a result, the seasoned television personality was inundated with “add me on BeReal” requests and “add Billie Eilish to next year’s cast” at the same time.

Long-time fans have to wonder how Eilish would fare with the new twists introduced in recent seasons. Probst revealed that the network was uneasy about Survivor‘s revamp in season 41. “Yes, we knew well in advance that our 40th season would be the end of an era in terms of how we play the game and produce the show,” he recently told The Wrap. “I think CBS was probably a bit concerned as to why we would dramatically change something that was still getting a good rating and fans were still enjoying, but we’ve always believed in taking chances and trying new things and CBS has given us the permission to fail.”

Regardless, the star would not be able to participate in the game for a time since Survivor 43 and 44 were recorded back-to-back earlier this year. What we know thus far is that Jeff Probst has hinted that only some of the new twists might be resurrected in future seasons. Billie Eilish, along with the rest of Survivor fandom, will have to wait until this fall to find out. The next season premieres on September 21st.