Susan Sarandon Opens Up About ‘Divided’ Cast of the Country Music Drama ‘Monarch’

by Craig Garrett

Susan Sarandon is an award-winning veteran actor, but she’s almost as well known for her political views and activism. Although Sarandon is famously progressive, she’s still able to connect with people who have different political views on her new show Monarch. She sees this as a good sign for the country. The series centers around the world of Country Music and the Oscar-winner credits the music with bonding the cast.

She admits she knew nothing about the genre before taking on the part of Dottie Cantrell Roman. Roman is the queen of Country Music and matriarch of the show’s main family. The Thelma & Louise star was impressed with the real-life Country Music stars she worked with on Monarch. She told TMZ that her politics never came into question and that they welcomed her warmly. However, Susan Sarandon was quick to point out she’s not on a specific side of the political aisle. Susan says that she is no longer a Democrat, and now considers herself an independent who isn’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in.

Susan has quickly become good friends with her on-screen husband, co-star Trace Adkins, and attributes this to mutual respect. Adkins is famously Republican, but Susan Sarandon warmed to him quickly. “There’s hope if we just talk to each other in calm ways,” she told TMZ. Sarandon told the outlet that she discovered she had more in common with Adkins than not. She speculated that’s how much of the United States is.

Susan Sarandon admits the world of Country Music was foreign to her

The veteran actress was candid about why she took a role on Monarch. “I just go where the fun is, where I haven’t been before,” Susan Sarandon said on Fox’s Television Critics Tour virtual panel. When asked if she likes country music, the actress was honest. “I never knew it. I smoked a joint with Willie Nelson. That’s as deep as I go.”

The actress is tight-lipped about how much longer her character, Dottie will stay on the show Monarch. Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that she faces a few challenges. The show also stars Anna Friel as the heir to the country music crown. “I’m leaving it open! I’m Jiminy Cricket, I’m gonna appear on everyone’s shoulder,” Susan Sarandon quipped. ‘I’ll be around as long as they’ll have me. I entered on a handshake. The commitment word has been a problem for me. So I talk about fun and being in the moment.”

Costar Trace Adkins recognized the value of Susan Sarandon’s acting expertise right away. “I quickly realized, oh my God, she’s so professional and so good that she’s gonna carry the scene,” Adkins told People. “So, if you don’t throw up on yourself, you’ll probably be OK because she’s gonna do all the heavy lifting. I just swam in her wake the whole time and had a ball.” Real-life country music stars like Shania Twain and Little Big Town will appear in the first season. Monarch premieres on September 11 on Fox.