‘SWAT’: Is Lina Esco Leaving Her Chris Alonso Character Behind?

by Samantha Whidden

She’s been starring in “SWAT” as Chris Alonso since its debut in 2017, but fans are starting to wonder if Lina Esco is planning to leave the hit TV series

CarterMatt reports that during the upcoming episodes of “SWAT,” fans are going to see Lina Esco’s Alonso be taken to a safe house. This means that her character will no longer be on the SWAT team. However, Esco has not revealed that she is leaving the show yet. 

Along with the safe house situation, the latest “SWAT” episode, which Esco is directing, will see some sort of insight into Alonso’s future with Jim Street (played by Alex Russell). This is due to the fact that Street finally revealed his feelings for Alonso. But Alonso then tells Street that she’s quitting SWAT. And she also admitted that she doesn’t think they could work out as a couple.

Lina Esco Opens Up About Her ‘SWAT’ Character Chris Alonso 

While speaking to Latina in 2017, Lina Esco described her “SWAT” character, Chris Alonso, as being both pretty secretive and mysterious. 

“She’s the only female SWAT officer on the team,” Lina Esco explained. “And I’ve always said there’s no time for her to break down. Because if something goes wrong, it will be held against her. So she keeps the bar super high, always. She’s always making sure that she’s working extra hard or even more than the guys so as to prove herself.”

Lina Esco also stated that she does the same thing because of the responsibilities and respect she has for her character. “I’m an activist in real life. And I’m an activist on-set as I’m playing Chris. I think about the girls and the women that are watching the show. And also the men and boys watching the show. And how I want them to see her. That’s the image that I want to portray to all women out there.”

While revealing what drew her to the “SWAT” character, Lina Esco said, “I started this conversation about gender equality and about bringing it into society and into our culture. So when I read that Chris was the only female SWAT officer, I knew this was the role for me.”

Linda Esco then shared that she had a chance to meet with only female SWAT officers in Los Angeles and San Diego to connect with them on that level. “I learn what they go through. I really hope [Chris] helps to inspire women to join the forces more or specifically to be a part of SWAT.”

Lina Esco went on to add that the world currently struggles with gender inequality. “There needs to be a 50/50 demographic with gender. And we don’t have that. Women need to be included. And allowed to have an opinion so that things can start to evolve and improve.”